Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vag temping

This is the first cycle I've temped vaginally instead of orally and I have to say, I have noticed a difference!  My temps are still up and down but instead of looking like an EKG like before, they now look a bit more like a sloping mountain range.
 Granted, there still has not been a temp shift to indicate ovulation but at least the temps are bit more under control and only vary by about 0.8 degree from high to low (during the follicular phase) instead of two full degrees like they did when I was temping orally. Damn mouth breathing!

The only problem with vag temping is that it is not very pleasant to have to rummage around between your legs when you're barely awake in order to stick a cold BBT in your cooch.  I only enjoy having one thing in there in the mornings if ya know what I mean, heh heh 

So while (1) that part isn't fabulous, (2) I always have to fumble around a little to find the hole (not kidding), and (3) the BBT screen always gets fogged up (haha! gross) overall, thumbs up on the vag temping! 

ASIDE: It's pretty funny how unfazed I am regarding gross things now that we've been trying to get pregnant for a while. Even the word "vag" used to be gross to me and now I don't even notice. This will probably come in handy some day when I have baby poop all over me.

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