Thursday, January 24, 2013

Losing weight

Trying to lose weight SUCKS.  I know I can do it since I've done it before but it seriously sucks. Particularly when you have PCOS and your body is fighting against you every step of the way. 

When I got my blood test results back in Nov and learned that I have high cholesterol & triglycerides it made me get serious about getting healthy for like 3 weeks. I was getting more active, I was making good food decisions, I was keeping a food log, and I had lost 6 lbs.  Then the holidays hit. Then I took a mini-vacation with friends.  Then I just got lazy. Now here I am, a little more than 1 month after stopping all that and I stepped on the scale today. Gained 7 lbs.  Awesome.

I think normal people have to work to gain that much weight in one month. For me, it seems like all I have to do it eat a couple oreos and drink a bottle of wine and it happens. Sometimes I wonder why the hell I even bother trying but then I put on my largest pair of jeans (the ones I have lovingly named "fat jeans") and find that even they are getting tight. Oiy.  When that super sexy fat roll can't be hidden anymore with a loose fitting shirt it is officially time for a change!

Impossible.  She's skinny.
So I have started up my food log again and will ease back into exercise.  Eating better is the hard part mentally since sugar is my BFF but exercise is the hard part physically since I have a bad back.  I'm always afraid that one wrong move will put me flat on my back for the next month (seriously, that's happened more than once), or that I will end up looking like this lovely lady to the right ------->

I know I need to just suck it up and do it though because it's not just about being a certain pants size -  losing weight could help me ovulate naturally, which I desperately want to happen.  I also really want to be as healthy as possible when I'm pregnant so that my baby will be healthy, and I'll have an safer/easier pregnancy.  Finally, I need to focus on lowering my cholesterol & triglyceride levels so that I have a healthy heart.  There should be no reason to worry about that at 31 yrs old.

It all makes sense when I type it out but these reasons tend to fly out the window the second I walk into the kitchen at work and there's a delectable plate of cookies staring me in the face.  That's why I'm going to back to the food log.  It doesn't mean I'm going to eat perfectly all the time but at least I'll be conscious of the decisions I'm making and will be aware of everything that's going into my mouth.  

I started off on the right foot with a healthy day yesterday (even if I did skip Zumba so I could hump it out with hubby. But technically that's still exercise, right?)!

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