Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why I drive like an asshole

I admit it. Sometimes I drive like an asshole.  I am not adverse to cutting people off when it is the best choice. I will ride your ass if you are going 10 mph under the speed limit. I will also honk at you if you are driving like a complete moron or are sitting at a green light for so long that the light's about to change again. And I won't lie in that I've also been known to keep myself entertained by boxing in obviously impatient douchebags who love to weave in and out of traffic at high speeds, just to piss them off. Yes, I'm a jerk.

I don't always drive like that though. Sometimes I'm all relaxed and content to slow down and wave people in front of me. Sometimes I'll get over into the right lane on the highway well before my exit and patiently cruise along in a line of slow moving cars until I reach the turnoff. Sometimes, I even use my blinkers! Just kidding, I never use my blinkers.  (KIDDING, kidding. I'm actually a big fan of the turn signal). However, I fully believe that sometimes driving like an asshole is completely necessary. Take tonight for example, on my drive home from work.

I was in one of my "content being patient" driving moods tonight. A little more than 1/2 mile from my exit I ignored my initial instinct to speed up and pass as many cars as possible before moving into the right lane to get off the exit, and just moved into the exit lane then and there without looking at the car I would be behind.  Mistake.  I ended up behind a Mercury Sable. TOTAL old man car. (Like a 90's edition Lincoln Town Car or an old beat up piece of shit Ford Taurus.)

ASIDE: I've gotten quite good at immediately identifying which drivers suck based on the kind of car they drive or the condition the car is in.  I can do it with a glance! It's one of my best talents, which is both sad and awesomely helpful. 
Actually though, this makes me think about a few years back when I used to drive a Toyota Rav4. (Definitely not my type of car since I am neither Asian nor a frumpy middle aged Susan Boyle lookalike with board games and my latest half-finished crochet project in the backseat.)

Back then, I used to drive back and forth between Boston and NYC all the time and and I think people would always make assumptions about my driving based on my car and probably also the fact that I had Mass plates  in NYC (always either racing to try to get in front of me or giving me hugely wide berths because they expect I will do something stupid). However, that car was like a freakin go-cart since it had a V-6 engine,  and I was not afraid to test it's power. Often. Also, even though I lived in Mass, I always knew where I was going since I was in the city so often and even if I didn't, most of the streets are like a grid anyway so it's kind of hard to get lost. It probably also didn't hurt that I was used to driving in Boston where the roads make zero sense to someone who doesn't live here and you routinely have to do things like merge onto a highway then immediately have to cross 4 lanes of crazy traffic in the  span of just a couple hundred feet, in order to get off the next exit on the opposites side of the highway. Great planning.

Behold exhibit A which is hilariously accurate:

Wow, sorry, that was quite the tangent.
Anywho, back to my fabulous drive home tonight.

So I get stuck behind an old man car that is doing about 40 mph for no apparent reason (speed limit is 65). Sort of annoying but whatever, I am in patient mode. The upcoming exit is the kind where cars are merging into your lane to come onto the highway just as you are moving over into their lane to get off your exit. When drivers aren't stupid and are all going the same speed it's like a perfectly choreographed little dance (I'm so poetic).  However, when a dumb old man in a beat up Mercury Sable is trying to get over, he apparently prefers to slam on the breaks in order to let the never ending stream of oncoming cars merge in ahead of him, fucking up the flow, causing back up, and almost getting the car behind him (ME) simultaneously rear-ended and smashed into by another car coming over from the left who didn't anticipate going from 65 mph to a dead stop, right into the middle of an immediate clusterfuck.

Eventually the old man figured it out, we all maneuvered our way through the tangle of cars to the exit and as we're starting onto the off ramp, Sable hits the breaks again making me almost rearend him, and tries to go left, back onto the highway! Once he's about an inch from the guard rail he finally realizes he's too far onto the exit ramp to turn off and instead, PUTS HIS CAR IN REVERSE!!! I could not fucking believe it.  I had an immediate sense of panic since a quick look in my rearview confirmed that there was nowhere for me to go if I had to back up and I had to honk HARD, multiple times while praying he'd hear me and come to his senses in time before I ended up in his trunk.  Thankfully he did just in time, and I proceeded to scream obscenities at him most of the rest of the way up the off ramp.
Patient mode gone.

After all this, I should have known that he'd have big problems now merging ONTO the next highway.  Either the word "merge" does not exist in Old Man Sable's vocabulary or he does not know that it has a different meaning than the word "stop".  [Same situation with this highway merge - a line of cars are merging into our lane in order to exit the highway while we are merging into theirs to get onto it.]  When Sable gets to the top of the ramp he just comes to a complete stop and puts on his blinker.  Doesn't merge in at the same speed, doesn't even inch forward to TRY to merge, he just sits there. There was copious amounts of honking on my part but he didn't move which of course meant that I, and everyone behind me, couldn't move, so I took matters into my own hands and tried to pull out 
and go around him on the right. Kind of dicky I know but WTF?!  Were we just going to sit there all night and wait for someone pulling off the highway at about 60 mph to just come to a deadstop so Sable can cut in at approximately zero mph?!  Well, Sable got pissed at me, honked and yelled whatever old men yell at other drivers (I like to think it was something to the effect of: "You gawram whippersnapper!" or something like that), and jolted forward, yanking his steering wheel to the right and almost hitting me so he could stop me from going around him. Awesome.  I was PISSED. I just laid on the horn then and did not let up until he moved his ass and merged onto the highway. 

Once on the highway I could not WAIT to get away from this moron but since we were at a complete stop and going uphill, I couldn't get up to speed fast enough to pull out around him without causing a Mack truck to slam into me so I was stuck for a bit with dipshit in front of me, the semi next to me boxing me in, and we were coming up on another on-ramp with cars merging into our lane.  You already know how good Sable is at merging so I don't think I need to elaborate. 

For my next trick, I'll be crashing into your local 7-11
But the bright side is, that since I got to come to a complete stop yet again (yay), the semi on my left passed me and I got a chance to pull out and finally pass this dickhead.  I looked at him when I passed, fully intending to give him the middle finger, but he didn't even glance at me he was so oblivious.  TOTAL Mr. Magoo.  Coke bottle glasses, white knuckled hands at 11 and 1, sitting so close to the wheel his balls must have been rubbing against it (ew, wrinkly old man balls), squinting through the windshield because he's half blind... He looked exactly the way I thought he would.

And so the moral of this story is that driving like an asshole is sometimes necessary.  If I had just cut him off originally, as was my initial instinct, all of this could have been avoided and I would still have those extra few years this ride home likely shaved off of my life.

Okay, deeeeep breath.

(Wow, if you made it all the way through this, I'm sorry for all the swears and f-bombs in this post/novel.  I feel better now.  Do you see why I thank my lucky stars that I only have to make this drive twice a week?  Ahh, telecommuting, how I love you.)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Actually Choosing an RE

Actually choosing an RE was way harder than I thought it would be.  (Yes, this all happened like 2 weeks ago now but I just realized I never really mentioned it so here goes:)

As I said before, I wasn't thrilled with the RE suggestions my lady doctor recommended due to their distance from my house and work.  The doc said she'd refer me wherever I wanted to go so I looked around for other options that were further south instead of north like the doc's recommendations.

However, after many hours of research, I realized that almost every place I found was about equidistant from my house and if I chose somewhere south, while it would be more convenient to my work,  I am only in the office 2 days a week anyway AND I would have to deal with Boston-area traffic (which, as anyone who has experienced it can attest to, totally blows), and a normal 45 min drive could easily turn into 2 hrs with no advanced warning.

 If I chose one of the REs that is north of my house, I would potentially have to change my work schedule around sometimes depending on when my appts are scheduled (which would be a huge pain) but at least I could 
I realize I've used this pic before but it's just so relevant!
take backroads to get there and wouldn't run the risk of fighting the urge to scream obscenities and flick off every car in the general vicinity due to the shitty drivers and traffic jams. 
Gah - I'm getting road rage right now just thinking about it! 

 So, spoiler alert: I chose the latter.

However, that still left me with about 4 different options so I did some serious website and online review stalking, talked to some people (including Mrs.M from TB - thanks lady!) and made a couple calls. In the end though, I chose the original place that is affiliated with my current ob/gyn since the RE has stellar credentials and his schedule worked better with my work-from-home schedule.  (Granted, I realize that a lot of the time I go in I probably won't be meeting with him but whatever. I had to choose somehow.)

The other reason I chose this one over the other places is that this is part of a hospital. The other places I was considering were fertility centers that, although they had board-certified REs on staff, had websites that made them look like they were in the business of helping with infertility, not in the medical profession of helping with infertility. Does that make sense?  It took me a while to put my finger on why I felt slightly uncomfortable with the other places but I think that's what it boils down to.

I spent a lot of time weighing the pros and cons of each one (apparently I don't make decisions easily) but in the end I just went with my gut. So far they've been great over the phone - very professional and helpful,  but I'll let you know if that changes! If it does and I find I don't like them, I can always switch. It's not like I'm marrying them.
No thank you.

Yes please.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Provera Day 1 (Finally)

I've been feeling almost normal lately and not depressed! Hmm, interesting. 

Instead of feeling like this all the time:

I'm now feeling more like this:

I'll take it!

I'm not quite sure why this is so I've been trying to analyze the "data" (i.e.: FF charts) to find patterns. It looks like the worst of the depressive feelings happen about 3 days after each time I gear up to O but then don't.  My guess is that it's a sucky side effect of my estrogen levels (and LH? and FSH?) staying high for a while and then very gradually dropping when I don't O, instead of the immediate drop that would happen if I had O'd.  That's just a guess. When I see my new RE on March 14th I'll talk to him about it. In the meantime, I'm just happy I'm feeling okay right now!

In other news, I FINALLY get to start my Provera Rx tonight. Yahoo!  (At this point I am so out of the TTC mind-frame that I don't even know what CD I'm on. [Ok, just checked: 72.]) So that means AF should be showing up around March 12th and I can finally restart this cycle. If it works according to plan I would be on CD3ish when I see the RE so they can do repeat b/w if they want to and can order an HSG for this cycle instead of waiting until (likely) late May which would (likely) be the next time I would be on CD 5-10.  Fingers crossed the timing works out well!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Called the RE!

I did it - I finally just bit the bullet and called an RE this afternoon. I seriously feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. I don't really know what I was waiting for. They were SO NICE on the phone that I sort of feel dumb for putting it off and worrying about it.

I was supposed to start taking Provera again tonight but when I talked to the nurse today I asked if I should hold off until closer to the appt since I assume they'll want to do testing on certain cycle days (b/w, HSG, etc.) and my cycles are so damn long that who knows when I'd be on CD1 again?!  She agreed that that would be the best thing to do so now I'm just back to more waiting. 
I'm getting good at this.
Get it? It's like a page loading while you wait.... No? Okay.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Will you be my friend?"

Why is it so hard making new friends when you're an adult?!  I feel like such a dork. A normal couple about our age moved in across the street a little more than a year ago (not too long after we moved in) and I was slightly excited! My husband quickly became friendly with him since they do boy things with tools and therefore have an easy instant bond. 
I would like to be friendly with her too but I NEVER see her and I'm sort of ashamed to say that we've never even spoken! I always wave when pulling out of the driveway if she happens to be outside, and when we're both around I try to catch her eye as an intro to go over and chat but have never been successful. I always get the impression that she's usually trying to ignore me :-(  

Why doesn't she like me?  I'm cool!  Really! (Yes, I do realize that when someone is trying to convince you that they're cool they are usually the opposite...)  My husband says it's possible she could think I'm stuck up since we live in a big house and stuff, and since we've never spoken she wouldn't know that I'm normal and down to earth. That makes sense, but I hope not! I hope it's just that she's really busy since they have 2 kids and another on the way, and that we just lead sort of different lives.

Since she's pregnant and I'm currently trying to find an RE, probably a new ob/gyn, and also need to think about where I'd want to deliver when the time comes, I sent her an email yesterday asking if I could bug her for recommendations, hoping to get the dialogue started. She wrote back this morning and was all friendly (and helpful) and suggested we all go out for dinner and drinks once they have the baby! Yay, happy dance! Maybe we will be friends after all :-) 

[God, I'm such a girl. I feel like I'm in grade school trying to get a boy to like me.
I'm ridiculous.]

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dove chocolates: Antioxidants AND wisdom!

You probably saw my Ode to Sugar below so it will come as no surprise when I say that I love chocolate. However, I am slightly partial to Dove chocolates since they include cute little sayings and words of wisdom with every bite! I found these to be pretty profound words from a candy wrapper:

"Happiness is in the heart, not in the circumstances."
Oh candy, you are both wise and delicious.
 I will try to keep this quote in mind whenever I feel like this TTC journey is kicking my ass. 

Update on next steps (CD65)

I heard back from the nurse I love at my OB/GYN's office. She talked with bitch doctor and let me know that the recommendation is indeed for me to be referred to an RE. Okay, I can deal with that if it would get me some help. Obviously, the big problem with me not conceiving is that I don't ovulate. Even though that really sucks and nothing will happen on the TTC-front until something is done about that, I can be patient there since we're only on the 9th month of trying.  But what I am getting very impatient about is the effects from my crazy out-of-whack hormones due to PCOS. Since bitch dr doesn't want to talk to me about what can be done to regulate my hormones, I am more than happy to start seeing an RE asap if they can help me with that.  I am definitely not myself and almost every day is a struggle now. I need to get some help.  

Unfortunately, this OB/GYN office only has two RE offices they are in the habit of recommending patients to: one is even farther north than the current office and the other is even further NE. Both locations are very inconvenient for me, particularly if I need to go to appts multiple times a week later on down the road.  The nurse did a little research for me and found some other suggestions that are further south - mostly around the Boston area.  Also not ideal but better, since it's closer to my work office. At this point, I will be researching those and making an appt as soon as I choose one.

Other than that, I am just waiting to take the Provera that's sitting on my counter. The nurse wanted me to wait until Fri to make sure I'm not KU but I think I may take a final HPT tomorrow night and if it's negative (which I'm sure it will be since my temps have not moved) then I'll take the first pill before bed.  At this rate I still likely won't get my period for exactly 2 more weeks so it's about time to get this show on the road!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Can We All Agree?: Sugar Edition

Ahhh sugar. Sweet, marvelous sugar.  
Can we all agree that sugar is fabulous and amazing?
Without sugar, these delectable goodies would not be possible:

I honestly don't understand people who will pass on cake/candy/cookies/other scrumptiousness saying; "Nah, I don't really care for sweets. Don't really have a sweet tooth." WHAT??  I call bullshit. How is that even POSSIBLE?!  Honestly, who would not want to eat a delicious chocolate chip cookie that's soft on the inside and a little crispy on the outside?  Mmmmm, yummy.....cooooookie......  People who would turn that down are mad.  I live for dessert and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone.  I would swim nekkid in this warm pool of melted chocolate if I could: 

ASIDE: I would also like to swim in pools of jello, warm wet noodles, or unmeltable M&Ms but that's beside the point. (And yes, I realize I have issues. It's a tactile thing. Don't judge.)

I am addicted to sugar. I believe I have mentioned this once or twice before.  It's almost to an unhealthy level at this point. If I don't calm it down a little I'm gonna end up looking like fatbit here. 
(fat + bitch = fatbit. Copyright.)
Pretty soon her chin will grow a whole new face and she'll have a second mouth available for eating more cake!

Sugar IS delicious though, you must admit. (Until you get diabetes.)
The End.

DAMN, I want a cookie.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Well that was dumb of me...

So I just talked to the nurse at my OB/GYN office to make sure it was all good to refill the Provera Rx and I totally forgot that I can't just run and pick it up today and then just start taking it tomorrow because Hubby and I sexed it up just a few days ago! She told me they want me to wait two weeks then take another HPT before I start it to make absolutely sure I'm not KU. I am bummed and reaaaaally wish we hadn't had that sex the other day since I'm 99.9% sure it's not going to be leading to a BFP. I was all pumped to start the Provera asap but totally forgot about this little nugget of info. 

So now I need to wait until next Friday 2/22 to pee on a stick, then start my TEN day prescription and then I should get my period 3 days after that (assuming the Rx works the same way as it did last cycle).  Sigh. That means I won't be on CD 1 again until March 7th which would make this cycle 80 days long. Boooooooooooo. 

Also two thumbs down?: The last few seasons of The Office

 I also talked with the nurse about my next steps in general.  She said that at this point, since I haven't been able to have a period without Provera and none of my charts have indicated an ovulation pattern, she thought that the Dr. would probably want to refer me to an RE.  I asked her about potentially starting Metformin to try to regulate my hormones (or even something else TTC-friendly that could help with the depression feelings) and she said she'd speak to the Dr.  I did relay to her that although I don't doubt I have PCOS (due to SO many symptoms), I am wondering whether I need more testing to confirm the Dx, since I have never had an u/s to actually see if I have cysts, and my CD3 b/w was normal! 

Soooo, I don't know what's going to happen. I guess we'll see what the lady doctor has to say.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

CD59 Tomorrow!

Tomorrow I get to call my doctor for more Provera! Yippee! I can't wait to shove some of these babies up my cooch again soon!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Why I am thankful

Ok, pity party over.  That was record time! I think blogging is good for me even if it does make for extremely depressing posts for the 3 of you who actually read this.  Sorry :-)

Here are some big things for which I am truly thankful: 

  • I am currently not aware of any additional fertility issues that I have besides PCOS, which does not automatically equal infertility.  Granted, I haven't had much testing done yet but as of today, I am not aware of any large cysts, endo, scarring, blocked tubes, misshapen uterus, etc. As time goes on I will learn more but for now, I am thankful
  • Overall I have good health and my back pain is manageable
  • I have a wonderfully loving, caring, and supportive husband
  • I have great family and friends
  • I have a beautiful home and no money stresses
  • My dog!
  • I have a good 9-5 job which allows me to work from home part of the time, and I actually like most of my co-workers!
  • I worked very hard to get to where I am in life and all my hard work paid off 
  • I will have the ability to be a SAHM when we have children 
  • I am lucky in that my life has not been directly touched by any major tragedies
  • Besides a baby, I really am not in want of anything

I have a wonderful life and am very blessed and I need to re-read this post whenever I start feeling bad for myself.

Warning: Serious pity party post

I am so jealous of other TTCs who ovulate. They know when their fertile window is, they know when to expect their periods and they actually have a two-week wait. They even know when to start (and stop) using OPKs.

I have gone through at least 50 OPKs just this cycle alone. I don't even want to estimate how many I've been through since we started TTC.  Every time I get a positive we have as much sex as possible (which is never more than once every 3ish days since with Hubby's back pain, he physically can't manage any more than that), and then my temps inevitably stay low and I don't ovulate. This happens multiple times throughout each cycle and all I have to show for it each time is disappointment and sincere apologies to a husband who is in pain but is still doing all he can to make a baby while his wife's body fails them time and time again.

TTGP ladies - please don't complain about having "bad" timing because you missed one day of sex during your fertile window! At least you have a fertile window! At least you know that sex you just had actually could lead to a pregnancy. And at least your husband is physically able to have as much sex as the two of you can make time for.

While I'm at it, don't complain about your "long" 33 day cycles or your "irregular" cycles that are consistently between 28 and 35 days! Try having cycles that are anywhere between 50 and 120 days and see how patient you are then.  Try having cycles that NEVER END until you get medication.

Finally, PLEASE don't complain about your frustration that it's CD 19 and you're still waiting to O!  Try waiting at least 60 days almost every cycle to O and it NEVER happening. Realize that it's a luxury that you can measure the phases of your cycles in days instead of in weeks and months.  The fact that you are only 5 days from the "normal CD 14 O date" is something you should be thankful for, not lamenting about.

I realize I sound like a complete whiny bitch right now.  I realize I sound bitter. Sometimes I am bitter. And jealous. It's so frustrating to always be posting in the "Waiting to O" thread on TB, seeing women complain about CD 1 when all you can do is pray for CD 1.  I hate that the same posters I start the "waiting to O" thread with at the beginning of a cycle will move onto their 2 week wait not once but twice while I'm still waiting to O for the first time until I finally throw in the towel again and take more Provera.

Don't get me wrong - I do realize that it's hard for them too.  I can imagine that the 2 week wait is very difficult when you get your hopes up and then they are dashed each time you get your period.  I get that.  But at least you have a reason to get your hopes up each time. At least you have a chance. I don't even have a horse in the race.

I've decided that my next post is going to be all about things in my life for which I am thankful. I know there are a lot, I just can't really think of many right at this moment...

Saturday, February 9, 2013

I Hate PCOS.

I hate PCOS. For a while there I successfully convinced myself that I didn't have it but as the months tick on I really can't deny it. The symptoms of it get worse and worse the longer I am off of birth control.

Here's a good, simple look at what to do if you have PCOS: CLICKY! 

It looks like I did NOT ovulate the other day and that temp spike was just a fluke so I am sure I will be calling my doctor next week for more Provera in order to have a period again.  When I talk to her I'm going to request to be put on Metformin as well.  I really hope it will help me. I know that the side effects can be bad but I'm willing to risk it if it will make me feel less crazy. The depression, high cholesterol and obesity are my biggest concerns (in that order). If I don't start feeling normal again soon I don't know what I'll do. [God, I'm dramatic tonight.]

By the way - we got smoked with this storm. We ended up with almost 30 inches of snow so I'm sure we will have snow on the ground well into the spring. I spent a LOT of time shoveling today and am already looking forward to going to bed tonight. Hubby and I also created what we call 'Adventure Playland' all through the backyard today for the pup, with all kinds of paths and tunnels for him since the snow is more than twice as high as he is. He is obsessed with snow. So adorable!
(Not my actual puppy but it might as well be!)

Friday, February 8, 2013

CD54 aka Blizzard Day

Wow, intimidating name, Weather Channel.
Yep, today we're going to have a blizzard here in the Northeast.  I'm not quite sure what everyone is freaking out about though; it is winter and we live in New England.  Snow should not be surprising. Granted, we will be getting a shitload (at least 2 ft, maybe around 30in) so it will be messy. That's what you deal with when living in the Northeast though. Personally, I'm looking forward to watching my little 1 ft tall pup try to play in 2.5 ft of snow!

Anywho, on to more important things. Like my temperature.
This morning I woke up to a huge temp spike! WTF?  I'm not sure if it's a fluke or if I randomly O'd yesterday. On CD53. With ZERO fertile signs as indicators. Sigh.
If I O'd that would be sort of incredible since I've never been able to confirm O before, but at the same time I would be kind of pissed since we had no sex!  Being dry as a bone for the last few days doesn't really make me want to get on that.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Not telling coworkers we're TTC

So my boss flat out asked me today if we were trying to get pregnant. Isn't that against some law or something?  I think I probably looked like a deer in headlights and stammered something to the effect of "yes, we'd like to get pregnant at some point..."  or something equally stupid.  It totally threw me off guard!  No one at work knows that I'm TTC.  Part of the reason for that is because I don't want to have to deal with questions about how it's going or why I'm not KU yet, and don't want to hear "just relax and it will happen!" or other assorted "helpful advice". The other part is because I think I will likely become a SAHM once we have a baby but am not going to advertise that fact at work until I have to.  
I now or something.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

First Pregnancy Dream!

I had my first pregnancy dream last night!  And it was F-ED UP.

Well really, it was more of a birth dream than pregnancy dream since I was in labor during it (that was fun). Also, it took place during 9/11 for some reason, I was in NYC, shit was crazy and there was only one faceless person there to help me deliver but she didn't say a word the whole time. Throughout the whole dream I had no idea where my husband was but knew he was on his way. Once I gave birth I passed out and when I came to, some random older man came over and asked me if I wanted to be taken to see my baby girl. I said yes because it makes total sense that some stranger would lead me to my baby instead of me being in a hospital and having a nurse bring her to me.  I followed him outside in a daze in just my johnny with bare feet even though I could barely walk from the pain and was bleeding. He put me on a train and I only realized something was wrong when the train pulled away and he didn't come with me.  I panicked and told the other people on the train I needed help but they just looked at me, covered in dust/debris (cuz it was 9/11, duh!) and didn't say a word.  I can't really remember what happened next but I do know that I got back to where ever it was that I gave birth and realized that the man had stolen my baby. There was also some catacombs and a nun thrown in there somewhere.

Welcome to my subconscious!  Needless to say, I did not sleep well last night.

Every now and then some silly person will post on TB about how pregnancy dreams = pregnancy!  YAHOO!  That must mean that I am super preggly and due on 9/11!  Oh, and also my baby's going to be kidnapped.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Girl Who Cried Ovulation

I am officially turning into the Boy Who Cried Wolf.  Only instead, I am the Girl Who Cried Ovulation.

Yet again this cycle I have EWCM, a +OPK and am horny.  Sounds like ovulation is coming, no? Yes, I would think so too except for the fact that this has happened more than a dozen times now but based on temps I have not ovulated once.  I'm pretty sure Hubby is starting to think this is just a masterful plan to get him to have sex with me more often.

I feel so bad for him too because he's sick right now, but like a good husband he still managed to slip it to me, wheezing and all. Total champ. Let's hope his effort was for a good cause!

Ok, Superbowl time.  Let's go anyone-but-Baltimore!

UPDATE, 2/5/13: I did in fact cry wolf as, once again, my temps over the past few days have actually gone down, not up.  Sigh. Oh, and the Ravens suck.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Can We All Agree?: HIMYM Edition

Can we all agree that Barney from How I Met Your Mother is the best character ever written?

I think I will try to channel my inner Barney.