Saturday, February 9, 2013

I Hate PCOS.

I hate PCOS. For a while there I successfully convinced myself that I didn't have it but as the months tick on I really can't deny it. The symptoms of it get worse and worse the longer I am off of birth control.

Here's a good, simple look at what to do if you have PCOS: CLICKY! 

It looks like I did NOT ovulate the other day and that temp spike was just a fluke so I am sure I will be calling my doctor next week for more Provera in order to have a period again.  When I talk to her I'm going to request to be put on Metformin as well.  I really hope it will help me. I know that the side effects can be bad but I'm willing to risk it if it will make me feel less crazy. The depression, high cholesterol and obesity are my biggest concerns (in that order). If I don't start feeling normal again soon I don't know what I'll do. [God, I'm dramatic tonight.]

By the way - we got smoked with this storm. We ended up with almost 30 inches of snow so I'm sure we will have snow on the ground well into the spring. I spent a LOT of time shoveling today and am already looking forward to going to bed tonight. Hubby and I also created what we call 'Adventure Playland' all through the backyard today for the pup, with all kinds of paths and tunnels for him since the snow is more than twice as high as he is. He is obsessed with snow. So adorable!
(Not my actual puppy but it might as well be!)

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