Tuesday, February 5, 2013

First Pregnancy Dream!

I had my first pregnancy dream last night!  And it was F-ED UP.

Well really, it was more of a birth dream than pregnancy dream since I was in labor during it (that was fun). Also, it took place during 9/11 for some reason, I was in NYC, shit was crazy and there was only one faceless person there to help me deliver but she didn't say a word the whole time. Throughout the whole dream I had no idea where my husband was but knew he was on his way. Once I gave birth I passed out and when I came to, some random older man came over and asked me if I wanted to be taken to see my baby girl. I said yes because it makes total sense that some stranger would lead me to my baby instead of me being in a hospital and having a nurse bring her to me.  I followed him outside in a daze in just my johnny with bare feet even though I could barely walk from the pain and was bleeding. He put me on a train and I only realized something was wrong when the train pulled away and he didn't come with me.  I panicked and told the other people on the train I needed help but they just looked at me, covered in dust/debris (cuz it was 9/11, duh!) and didn't say a word.  I can't really remember what happened next but I do know that I got back to where ever it was that I gave birth and realized that the man had stolen my baby. There was also some catacombs and a nun thrown in there somewhere.

Welcome to my subconscious!  Needless to say, I did not sleep well last night.

Every now and then some silly person will post on TB about how pregnancy dreams = pregnancy!  YAHOO!  That must mean that I am super preggly and due on 9/11!  Oh, and also my baby's going to be kidnapped.

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