Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Will you be my friend?"

Why is it so hard making new friends when you're an adult?!  I feel like such a dork. A normal couple about our age moved in across the street a little more than a year ago (not too long after we moved in) and I was slightly excited! My husband quickly became friendly with him since they do boy things with tools and therefore have an easy instant bond. 
I would like to be friendly with her too but I NEVER see her and I'm sort of ashamed to say that we've never even spoken! I always wave when pulling out of the driveway if she happens to be outside, and when we're both around I try to catch her eye as an intro to go over and chat but have never been successful. I always get the impression that she's usually trying to ignore me :-(  

Why doesn't she like me?  I'm cool!  Really! (Yes, I do realize that when someone is trying to convince you that they're cool they are usually the opposite...)  My husband says it's possible she could think I'm stuck up since we live in a big house and stuff, and since we've never spoken she wouldn't know that I'm normal and down to earth. That makes sense, but I hope not! I hope it's just that she's really busy since they have 2 kids and another on the way, and that we just lead sort of different lives.

Since she's pregnant and I'm currently trying to find an RE, probably a new ob/gyn, and also need to think about where I'd want to deliver when the time comes, I sent her an email yesterday asking if I could bug her for recommendations, hoping to get the dialogue started. She wrote back this morning and was all friendly (and helpful) and suggested we all go out for dinner and drinks once they have the baby! Yay, happy dance! Maybe we will be friends after all :-) 

[God, I'm such a girl. I feel like I'm in grade school trying to get a boy to like me.
I'm ridiculous.]

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