Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Update on next steps (CD65)

I heard back from the nurse I love at my OB/GYN's office. She talked with bitch doctor and let me know that the recommendation is indeed for me to be referred to an RE. Okay, I can deal with that if it would get me some help. Obviously, the big problem with me not conceiving is that I don't ovulate. Even though that really sucks and nothing will happen on the TTC-front until something is done about that, I can be patient there since we're only on the 9th month of trying.  But what I am getting very impatient about is the effects from my crazy out-of-whack hormones due to PCOS. Since bitch dr doesn't want to talk to me about what can be done to regulate my hormones, I am more than happy to start seeing an RE asap if they can help me with that.  I am definitely not myself and almost every day is a struggle now. I need to get some help.  

Unfortunately, this OB/GYN office only has two RE offices they are in the habit of recommending patients to: one is even farther north than the current office and the other is even further NE. Both locations are very inconvenient for me, particularly if I need to go to appts multiple times a week later on down the road.  The nurse did a little research for me and found some other suggestions that are further south - mostly around the Boston area.  Also not ideal but better, since it's closer to my work office. At this point, I will be researching those and making an appt as soon as I choose one.

Other than that, I am just waiting to take the Provera that's sitting on my counter. The nurse wanted me to wait until Fri to make sure I'm not KU but I think I may take a final HPT tomorrow night and if it's negative (which I'm sure it will be since my temps have not moved) then I'll take the first pill before bed.  At this rate I still likely won't get my period for exactly 2 more weeks so it's about time to get this show on the road!


  1. I hope you find an RE that suits you and you can get in quickly! I am sorry you are going through this.