Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Girl Who Cried Ovulation

I am officially turning into the Boy Who Cried Wolf.  Only instead, I am the Girl Who Cried Ovulation.

Yet again this cycle I have EWCM, a +OPK and am horny.  Sounds like ovulation is coming, no? Yes, I would think so too except for the fact that this has happened more than a dozen times now but based on temps I have not ovulated once.  I'm pretty sure Hubby is starting to think this is just a masterful plan to get him to have sex with me more often.

I feel so bad for him too because he's sick right now, but like a good husband he still managed to slip it to me, wheezing and all. Total champ. Let's hope his effort was for a good cause!

Ok, Superbowl time.  Let's go anyone-but-Baltimore!

UPDATE, 2/5/13: I did in fact cry wolf as, once again, my temps over the past few days have actually gone down, not up.  Sigh. Oh, and the Ravens suck.

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