Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Years' Resolutions?

Nah. I'm not really one for making New Years' Resolutions. I figure if there's something I want to change about myself or my life, I don't need to wait for a certain calendar date to make that change. Of course, it's just as likely that that's total BS since if I don't make resolutions then I won't feel bad if I break them! Regardless, here are the resolutions goals I'm working towards:

1. Focus on eating heart-healthy foods:  This past Nov I went to my PCP for routine bloodwork and learned that I have extremely high cholesterol and triglycerides. I was surprised because A) I'm young B) I've always been pretty healthy/active C) I'm a non-smoker and D) It doesn't run in the family. 
I told my parents about my high levels and oops, oh wait, come to find out it does run in the family and in fact my father's levels are currently so high he should be on medication. However he's not because they're following what they call a "Mediterranean Diet" which pretty much means they eat a ton of olive oil, decide they are healthy and then never go back to the doctor.   They like to live in this lovely little world called Denial.
Unfortunately for me, I like to visit that world here and there myself so even though my PCP told me that I should think about potentially taking meds to bring down my levels, I told her I'd rather try to bring them down naturally through healthy diet and exercise and test my levels again in 6 months.  So I have until May to try to make a positive change. We shall see if this is actually a feasible endeavor. The reason why I really don't want to take meds (Statins) is because I can't take them while also TTC. If I have to go on meds I also have to go back on the Pill and what I want is to be KU not try to avoid being KU. 

2. Lose weight and exercise more:  Isn't this always a goal? Yes. However this time there's some extra pizazz behind it since I would like to prep myself as much as possible to have a healthy pregnancy. I'd really like to lose the 20 lbs I've gained since we started TTC. On top of that, I could probably stand to lose another 15 or so  but I would be happy with just the 20. Plus, my lady doctor pretty much told me I was a fat ass and that if I could lose some weight I might have more of a chance of ovulating naturally. That would be nice.  Additionally, I have a bad back so the stronger my body and muscles are, the less painful it will be to carry around a bebeh.

3.Work on being less defensive: Poor hubby. It appears that my first inclination is be immediately defensive if my brain interprets that someone is being even slightly accusatory towards me (it's particularly bad when I'm in the wrong- whoops).  Here's the most recent squabble we had as a result of that: Over the weekend Hubs was out running errands and I texted asking him to pick up a large tupperware-type tub so I could pack up Christmas decorations.  When he got home I helped him unload the car and no tub. When I mentioned it later he said he got some, I said no you didn't, he said yes he got two, I said no, he said YES he did the other day and they're in the basement, I said (quote) "OKAY, I didn't KNOW that!" (Kind of hard to express in writing so please read that in your most attitude-y voice). I don't know why I do that but I'm sure it's beyond annoying so I'm trying to be more conscious of it and react in an appropriate way when something happens. Appropriate response to that convo: "Great! Thanks love." Inappropriate response: anything else.

4. Pay down my student loans: Meh, we'll see how that one goes. For the last year I've been  making double payments (yay!) but it still isn't really making a dent (boo).

5. Get a new hobby (besides trying to get KU): It's possible I'm getting borderline obsessed with becoming pregnant. Hence the blog about it.  I'm not sure there's much way around that since I have a bit of an obsessive personality as it is and actually charting correctly does mean I have to focus at least some time on it every single day. I could probably tone it down a bit though so I should get a hobby. My problem is that I'm not really interested in much!  It sounds bad but it's true.  I love my dog and play with him a lot, I love to sing so I'm part of a community chorus. Other than that, I work, I watch TV, I read, I exercise (well, not yet really but I PLAN to!) and I (apparently) blog. I'm really rather boring!  Ladies on the bump have talked about cooking (which I hate), baking (which I love but I'm trying to be the opposite of fat), scrapbooking (for old people and cat ladies in holiday-themed turtlenecks), knitting (again, old people and cat ladies), and other miscellaneous hobbies that don't interest me.  Hubby and I are looking into maybe buying some snowmobiles so that could be a new joint winter hobby if we end up doing it! Besides that though, I'm fresh out of ideas.  I gotta give this one some more thought.
??? Your guess is as good as mine.

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