Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Love/Hate Relationship with The Bump

Actually, it's not so much "love" as slight obsession and not so much "hate" as complete annoyance.  Sometimes I check the bump's TTGP forum many times throughout the day to keep up on everything that's going on and I feel compelled to give my two cents and be "known". But just as often, it annoys the crap out of me, I hate the dumb and/or repetitive questions and I feel like it's a huge waste of time to try to get to know random internet strangers so I don't even bother reading.

Usually I love the snark (which is why I prefer the bump to babygaga, etc.) but I get annoyed when it's just people jumping on the bandwagon to flame someone as soon as one of the regulars starts in.

Other things that annoy me: 
  • Constant use of the words "totes"and "cray cray"
  • People pretending something's funny when it's not
  • People who are on there constantly like it's their job and/or make up AEs (why bother?)
  • Over-eager newbs who are so excited to be a part of something that they unnecessarily chime in whenever possible (see second bullet point)
Things I love:
  • Well placed Gifs and Gif wars
  • Actually learning helpful info
  • *Some* of the drama if it's actually funny (e.g.: fisting thread)

Overall, I'm guessing most people don't recognize me at all since I post so sporadically. If they do, it's probably only due to the pink ecard in my siggy.  Honestly, if I were to get my BFP this cycle I'm not entirely sure I would even start a post to let people know since they probably wouldn't care.  However, even though I am pretty convinced people don't know me, I do know quite a few of their personalities (online personalities, anyway) since, when I'm not in one of my "I hate the bump" phases I am a dirty lurker :-)

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