Thursday, January 17, 2013

CD32 and no O in sight

Okay, I'm getting frustrated.  It's CD32 and yet again, my body geared up to O (LH surge, EWCM, total horndog) but based on temps, I did not O. This is getting old. What sucks too, is that we actually had great timing this time if I had O'd!  Since my CD21 bloodwork was a bust, I need to just wait until I actually O and then go in 7DPO to check my levels. At this rate, that will never happen.  If I hit 59 days  without AF this cycle I am calling the dr immediately for more Provera.  I'm 8 months in now, by then it will be 9 mos and then if my next cycle ends up being another 60 days with no O and no AF it will be long enough to get a referral to an RE and schedule an intro appt.  It looks as though this may not happen the good ole fashioned way so I need more testing to see what the heck is going on. I think I see an HSG in my future! Oh goody.

On the bright side, hubby watched The Great Sperm Race the other day while I was at work!  Afterwards, he said he had no idea that there were so many factors that had to go perfectly in order to conceive and it's made him much more interested in the whole process. I think it also made him understand why I do what I do (temping, peeing on sticks, reading TCOYF, getting bloodwork, making him do me on certain days, acting like a psycho) and why I'm starting to get worried. It also convinced him that he really should jizz in a cup to make sure everything is good there. My lady doctor previously gave me the SA cup and instructions to bring him and said he could take it any time and bring it into the lab but he hadn't scheduled it and I didn't feel like it was a huge rush either.  Now he's planning on doing it soon. Come on healthy sperm!

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