Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Lady Doctor Sucks

I don't like my OB/GYN, aka "lady doctor"(Some clever blogger used that term and henceforth I am stealing it).  I'm thinking I may look into not just a new doctor but a whole new practice.  I like the practice itself okay and the nurses are nice but it's about 45 mins north of my home and everything else (including my work) is south so it is super inconvenient to get there. 

Here's why my lady doctor sucks: The first (and only) time I saw her was at the end of November and she did not leave a good impression on me. My last period was in mid-August and when AF hadn't shown again by the end of October I knew I needed some Provera to jump start my cycle so I went to see my PCP to let her know about the issue. She referred me to this women's health clinic so I made an appt and 2 weeks later I finally met with the new lady doctor.  My first impression of her was not good. After the nurse/assistant left, the lady doctor breezed into the room, visibly looked me up and down, did not introduce herself, did not shake my hand and said "Hi. What's the problem?" I proceeded to tell her that my hubby and I were trying to conceive, I had not had a period in more than 3 months, I was concerned I had PCOS due to x/y/z, provided her with some family history (including a sister with PCOS and another with diagnosed infertility), gave her a copy of my charts, and pointed out that based on my temps it did not look like I had ovulated at all. 

She took the charts, did not look at them and said "Losing some weight could help."  Umm, okay.  Now granted, I am aware that I could lose some weight but it's not like I'm morbidly obese and she was afraid I was going to eat her or anything (I'm a size 16)! I tried to ignore the bluntness of that statement (and the fact that that's all she said) and we discussed why being as healthy as possible when TTC is important, blah blah blah. Then we just kind of stared at each other for a few moments which was super comfortable since I love long silences.

When it seemed pretty obvious that she wasn't going to say anything else I started asking her very specific questions like: "Based on my charts, do you agree that it looks like I have not yet ovulated?" (answer: yes) and "Based on my symptoms, do you agree that it's possible I may have PCOS?" (again, yes). "Okay, what should be done about that?" (no comment). I asked her if we need to schedule an ultrasound to confirm whether I have cysts or not and she said they generally don't do u/s just to confirm PCOS and that based on my symptoms she feels confident in diagnosing me with it.  That seemed weird to me but I figured whatever- she's the doctor. So now I've been Dx with PolyCYSTic Ovarian Syndrome but may or may not have any cysts and the dr doesn't seem interested in finding out. Does that seem weird to anyone else?

After that I stopped asking her questions and she inquired as to why exactly I came in and I reiterated that the reason I made the appt in the first place was because we were TTC and I hadn't had a period in 3 months so I needed something to jumpstart my cycle. To which she said (here's the kicker!): "So you're here because you want drugs." Umm, I wouldn't exactly put it like THAT, but yeah. I would like some progesterone (a HORMONE) so I can have a period again which I haven't had in 90+ days! I don't think that's too unreasonable. So she said okay but that I should have a pregnancy test done before taking it to make sure I wasn't KU and then left the room. 

I'm pretty sure the DARE program made me more interested in weed, not less.
When she came back, she had another woman with her who I assumed was there to draw blood for a pregnancy test (since I had told bitch doctor, oh I'm sorry, 'LADY doctor' that I had already taken multiple HPTs and they were stark white). Come to find out, that was not the case, since after bitch dr. said "Sandy will take care of you" and left again, Sandy started filling out paperwork and asking me about my hubby's insurance. I was really confused for a minute until I figured out that she was there to talk about a sperm analysis which bitch dr had not even said a word about. So Sandy went through her spiel and gave me my papers. As she was leaving I asked if the dr was coming back. She said she didn't think so. Ooookay, thanks for the goodbye and super helpful information on next steps.

So I went to check out and while doing so, I realized I never had blood drawn. I told the receptionist this and she looked confused and said the dr hadn't put that on my paper so she went to ask her about it.  She came back and said bitch dr. said I should just go ahead and pee in a cup before I leave, which I did, but not before effectively getting it all over my hand and a few dribbles on my new pants. Awesome.

Fast forward to a few days later. I have my 10 day supply of Provera but haven't heard back from the dr. with pee test results so I don't want to start until I know for sure I'm not KU. I call the office, the nurse calls me back and says "What urine sample?"  I tell her what happened and she said "I'm sorry but we don't have any record of that and there's nothing in the lab."  Umm, alright, then what the hell happened to the warm cup of pee marked with my name and all my information that I gingerly placed in the stainless steel wall cubby when I was there?!  I asked her whether their results are any more sensitive than an HPT and she said no so I just went ahead and took the Rx and finally, mercifully got my period exactly 2 weeks later.

Since then I've gone in for CD3 bloodwork (but didn't have to see bitch dr) and will be going in again tomorrow for CD21 bloodwork.  Once I have my results back from them, if it shows there's a problem I think I'll likely call my PCP and ask for a new referral and then bring the results to the new place for next steps.  The fact that after writing this post I now think of her as "Bitch Doctor" is a pretty clear sign that I should indeed find a new OB/GYN since I don't think I care to have this one rummaging around between my legs.

Big props to the ladies of the bump's TTGP board since if I hadn't been lurking on the site, I never would have known any of the questions to ask and that appt would have gone even worse than it did (which is hard to imagine)!

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