Monday, January 21, 2013

Planning to wipe the doctor slate clean

I've decided I'm going to look for not just a new lady doctor but a new PCP too. If you've read my previous posts you already know why I want to find a new lady doctor.  The reason I want a new PCP is that I don't have confidence in her either. First of all, she's about my age. That's a little weird but I'd be fine with it if she actually acted like a DOCTOR instead of like someone who desperately wants me to like her. 
Listen girl, I do not want to be friends with you. When I take time off of work to come in I am not interested in hearing about what you did last night, I am interested in you telling me what to do about the weird rash under my boob!

Based on our conversations I really don't trust that she has any idea what she is talking about, and her telling me that she "still just can't seem to get the hang of their new internal computer system" does not reassure me of her competence.  

Another reason I kind of give her the side-eye is because she is extremely overweight. Like, probably needs to lose 100 lbs just to be in a healthy range. That seems weird to me. I work in substance abuse prevention. That would be like the equivalent of me telling people they shouldn't take drugs while I'm shooting up.

Unfortunately, the practice is very small with just a few doctors on staff so I don't feel like I can continue going there and just switch to a new dr. without feeling badly.  So even though it's only 5 mins down the road from my house, I would rather drive further to a new clinic to avoid an uncomfortable situation if it would give me peace of mind and make me feel like I'm in capable hands. 

As for my lady doctor; she sucks for reasons previously mentioned, so if I get a new PCP I may also ask for a referral to a new women's clinic (one that is preferably south of my house instead of north so it's more convenient to my work).  I'm not interested in having this lady's head in my hoo ha.

Heh, "Girls".

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