Friday, March 29, 2013

"May the odds be ever in your favor"

LOVE Katniss, LOVE the Hunger Games, LOVE Jennifer Lawrence.

Well, my diagnostic testing is officially done and I am convinced that the odds are totally in my favor regarding TTC.  However, it's really easy to lose sight of that as the days tick by with no measurable progress and no baby. I've decided to write down all that is working in my favor and the few obstacles I have in the TTC process, so that I can refer to this post whenever I'm feeling defeated and need some perspective.

Things in my favor:
  • Good SA results: healthy swimmers!
  • Good HSG results: clear tubes!
  • Good baseline U/S results: normal-shaped uterus, good blood flow to proper areas, ovaries were a normal size, no strange masses/scarring/etc.
  • Good B/W results:  high androgen levels but that is to be expected due to the PCOS
  • On Metformin and I have faith that it will help
  • Sloooowly losing some weight
  • Acupuncture 1x/week (can't hurt, right?)

Things working against me:
  • No ovulation (also causes long, irregular cycles)
  • PCOS (more difficult to get KU and higher chance of miscarriage)
  • Hubby's chronic pain

That's it! The odds here are clearly in my favor. 

Hubby's pain is and will always be a challenge since there's not much more to be done about it than we're already doing, but that just means we need to be as intentional as possible about our timing. [One of these days I will blog about the physical and psychological difficulties (for both of us) that come with his chronic pain but for today, I am feeling positive and don't want to get all deep and bring myself down.]

My other challenges can (and are) being worked on; Metformin and weight loss should help and if they don't do enough on their own, Clomid (or Femara) should make me O. I have no doubt that we should be able to get KU with just a little help. And if we can't, there are other options down the road that I know could be successful (they'd just take some additional work, time, money and PATIENCE). But, like the title of one of my favorite blogs to stalk states; "The harder to get, the better to have"! 

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  1. Aww you are too sweet girl (and I love to stalk your blog too)! I really hope that with only PCOS as your enemy that you and your DH have a quick IF journey!