Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I love my coworkers

Previously, I hadn't planned to say anything to anyone at work about TTC until I was no longer able to hide a baby bump but I've been realizing that A)  that's just not realistic with what we may be facing medically and B) my food baby would probably mask any real baby bump for way longer than it should and if I want my coworkers to throw me one of those sad office-party showers someday then I better let them know it's actually a baby in there before my water breaks.

But yesterday at work, there happened to be a good opportunity to talk to three of my closest female coworkers (my supervisor, her boss, and the woman I work the most closely with), so I gave them the heads up that "hubs and I are TTC and it's not going very well so I'll probably have to go in for more and more appts coming up resulting in changes to my work schedule with very little advanced notice blah blah blah" (total verbal diarrhea) and they were AWESOME about it.  SO supportive and unexpectedly willing to share their own experiences for which I am so grateful.  

I found out that one of them struggled through NINE miscarriages, one of which was quite far along in the pregnancy.  And another one  shared that not only did she have to deal with a full-term loss (absolutely heart breaking) but that her youngest had been conceived through IVF! My heart really went out to these ladies and just talking about this helped us connect more deeply in a way we hadn't before.  I was so impressed and grateful that they were willing to share and it made me feel so supported. They let me know that they were once in my shoes and remember what an emotionally trying time it is, and that I could always come to them with any questions/anxiety/happiness/sadness. They reassured me that TTC is so much more important than my work schedule so I never need to worry, and that I will be a wonderful mother. They were just so much better than I could have imagined and I'm so glad I shared!  I just love my coworkers.

I must remember this whenever I have those inevitably horrific work days where I daydream about setting the place on fire.


  1. That is great that your coworkers are so supportive and know what you are going through.

    1. I know, I feel so lucky (no sarcasm for once)!

  2. Wow that is awesome!! I'm glad you work with people who are so understanding & supportive! I know how much it can mean when someone shares their own TTC struggles with you, just really makes you feel like you're not alone!