Friday, March 22, 2013

In other news...

In the midst of unnecessarily feeling bad for myself, I forgot to write down my other news:

1) The nurse gave me my repeat bloodwork results and my potassium levels are fine. I celebrated by immediately gobbling down a banana.

2) They want me to double the Metformin dose to 1500mg/day starting on Monday so I am thinking I should buy some stock in Charmin UltraSoft. 

Here's how I plan to decorate my bathroom next week:

3) The nurse scheduled me for a pelvic exam & ultrasound for next Thurs AM so it's back the hospital I go! Fingers crossed:  this should be the last testing that needs to be done before my next RE appt (rescheduled for May 2nd)!


  1. Your bathroom looks beautiful! I literally lol'd. I don't know if you wrote it in a previous post or not, but are you on regular Metformin or ER? If you're not on ER I'd seriously consider asking your doctor about it. I take ER and I didn't have any symptoms with it, of course everyone is different. Also, if you're still experiencing bad symptoms, you don't have to increase the dose on their schedule. I would tell the doctor you're not ready to increase until your body is more adjusted to the current dose.

    1. Thanks - sadly yes, this is the ER. I have had weird un-Dx GI issues all my life so I'm not too surprised I'm so affected. The last couple days have been better so I'm going to see where I am when Monday rolls around. It's likely I could push off the second dose.