Sunday, March 3, 2013

Provera-induced genius!

I keep a notebook and pen on my nightstand because if I'm awake in the middle of the night and get an idea in my head, I have no hope of going back to sleep until I write it all down. Unfortunately, after writing it down I oftentimes will still spend hours thinking about it while laying in bed trying to ignore the chainsaw next to me (aka: my sleeping husband), since I seem to find myself so clever that I get all excited about my idea and can't go back to sleep anyway. Sigh.

Lately, Provera is not helping matters. I'm currently halfway through the Rx and it definitely affects my sleep (not to mention giving me some sweet hot flashes). My newest talent is waking up right at 2:30am and not getting back to sleep until it's almost light out, writing down oh-so-important notes to myself here and there until I finally stop thinking about it and conk out.  Most mornings I'll turn over and find that I wrote things like "email Sarah about laieruoid!" or "DON'T FORGET: Aeriowrp the foer!!!" But this morning, I rolled over and found a relatively comprehensive 5-page outline for a novel!  Ooookay. I totally forgot that last night I decided that my new profession is going to be "writer".  Silly me.  

After taking way longer than it should have to decipher all the chicken-scratch, I gotta say... it's actually kind of good! I really have no idea where this sudden inspiration came from, but DAMN I am creative in the middle of the night! Is it crazy that I'm thinking about actually writing it?  I've never written anything besides school papers and these blog posts but why the heck not, right? Maybe this can be my new like, decade-long project that I will probably just eventually give up on (since I am a master at starting projects and not finishing them), or maybe lil ol' me could actually write a book someday!  Weird.  

If this is what comes from 5 days of Provera, imagine what LSD could do for me! Hmmm...

"All the flowers would have extraordinary powers..."

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  1. I do some random things in my sleep, but nothing that compares to this!! I say go for it, write that book lady!!