Sunday, March 17, 2013

Can We All Agree?: Sushi Edition

Uh, here's a post that I wrote like 2 weeks ago and thought I posted but apparently never did! Whoops.  Things have changed since then - I'm concerned I will never be able to eat what I want to again now that I'm on Metformin. EVERYTHING is upsetting my stomach :-(  I hope it gets better.

Hubs and I had sushi for dinner tonight.  Yum.
Can we all agree that sushi is one of the best foods on earth? I am living on it lately. If there's one silver lining to not being knocked up yet in all these months of trying, it's that I can still eat sushi.  

THE BEST PLACE EVER is this tiny little gross-looking-from-the-outside hole-in-the-wall joint about 10 mins from my house.  (Thank you yelp reviewers or we NEVER would have tried it!) 
That's about right.
ASIDE: Don't you love how tons of Japanese/Chinese restaurants are named things like: "Happy Sushi Yum Yum Time" or "Lucky Fun China Food Palace", etc.?

Whenever my hubby and I go for sushi, I'm pretty sure all the Japanese people who work there smirk and make fun of us in the backroom since it's pretty much our second home now. Too bad, I love it.  When I actually DO get knocked up and have to quit cold turkey I hope I don't get withdrawal symptoms and get all irritable and anxious and like, start sweating wasabi and purposely walking near people eating sushi while breathing  in deeply through my nose to take in the smell.
It's gonna be tough.

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