Friday, March 22, 2013

Another irregular cycle

I'm feeling sorry for myself this afternoon...

I was really hoping that I would have a normal cycle this time. Just one!  One in 10+ months isn't too much to ask for, right?  (Granted, today is only CD11 so it ought to be laughable that I'm feeling like this already but) I just talked to my RE's nurse and she said that it sounds like my post-HSG bleeding is just a continuation of my period.  Y'know, the one I started 11 days ago?  I did have 1 day in there where it was just a teensy amount of spotting, so I assumed that after 5 days of bleeding and 2 days of spotting that it was over. Then I had the HSG and apparently that just re-opened the flood gates (I'll refrain from posting another gross blood-related gif) since this last period (or apparently, 1/2 of a period) was lighter than usual and my last cycle was 85 days long.  I got me a fair amount of lining to get rid of.

I am bummed. I've been really excited about this cycle since I'm on Metformin now, I'm losing weight and also going to Acupuncture, so I was hoping those would help regulate me, AND I just had the HSG (which, for some reason in my mind apparently means I'm ripe for the pickin') but I think I was just getting my hopes up for no reason.  I let myself think for a couple weeks that maybe I would actually ovulate and not only that, ovulate at a NORMAL time, so I kept thinking Hubs and I could bang it out this weekend, I'd O like a normal person and we'd finally have a shot!  Now, it looks like I'll still have my period this weekend so THAT won't be happening.


Overall it is a GOOD thing if this is still just my period because that means there's not something else wrong which would be MUCH much worse. So for that I am grateful. And eventually it will end and who knows? Maybe I will O this cycle.  It just won't be on CD14.  One of The Bump's TTGP ladies just got KU after Oing on CD82!  That gives me a little glimmer of hope for my ridiculous never-ending cycles...


  1. I saw that about the lady O'ing on CD82, so amazing!! Keep your head up girl, I'm glad at least everything is okay, & once all that is over you should still have a chance to O! :)Sounds like you're doing a lot of good things right now to help your body regulate, so that's awesome, hopefully it will all work together to make O happen! :)