Tuesday, March 19, 2013

HSG is done aaaaaand...

...my tubes are clear!  Yippee! Glad that's over. 

It was mostly fine but I think I had worked myself up a little bit since my sister said hers was EXTREMELY painful (I wonder if she was allergic to the dye?) and I read multiple stories on The Bump from women who did not have great experiences. I was also already having a weird morning because we got another foot of snow today (of course) so I had to shovel before leaving, the 45 min drive turned into 1 hr 15 mins due to the weather, and then there were ZERO spots in the parking garage so I was almost late. I also had to go to a different part of the hospital where I had never been so I didn't really know where I was going. Additionally, Hubby was planning to come with me today but he ended up getting sick so he stayed home and I took his car since it has 4-wheel drive.  However, it's a gigantic monstrosity that I had never driven before so it was really fun figuring out how to maneuver the thing whilst in the middle of a snowstorm. 
Needless to say, I was stressed before I even put on the assless gown.

The first bad part was when he put in the speculum (aka: duck bill) because it seems he pinched something up in there so I was already having pain before he even did anything. Apparently I wasn't doing as good a job of not grimacing as I thought I was because the Tech mentioned something to the Dr. who adjusted it which gave me a brief moment of relief.  However, the doc must have then immediately inflated the balloon (with no warning) because I had instant intense cramping in a way that was different than I had ever felt and I immediately got completely flushed/really hot and nauseous. I think I concerned them. The Tech brought a cold facecloth to put on my forehead which helped and I just focused on breathing and answering her when she asked if I was okay. It was weird - like my body went from zero to sixty in an instant and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. I'm pretty sure the best part of it though was when I told the Dr. that I was afraid I was going to poop on him since I have constant diarrhea from the Metformin. I bet that was fun for him. 

Luckily it was over quickly and I had no additional pain or cramping the rest of the day.  I also got a chance to see my tubes on the monitor (they look very long and squiggly!) and could see that the dye spilled out of them so I know they are open.  I was hoping to also see pics of my uterus so I could see the shape but I didn't really get a chance and didn't want to ask for something else from the Doc when I was already the patient who threatened to poop in his face. My sister's HSG showed that her uterus was abnormally shaped, which was relayed to her by her RE so I assume that at this point if I hear from my RE then that's a bad sign. Otherwise, I think I'm good!


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  1. yay, glad it went well & now it's over! :)