Thursday, April 4, 2013

CD24: The waiting game

No, not the two-week wait (let's not get crazy here!), just waiting to do something. Anything.

If my body acted like a normal person's, I would be firmly in the 2WW right now and would know sometime next week whether I was KU or whether to expect my period. However, this is my body we're talking about here and it likes to play fun games with me so at this point in my cycle there is no discernible difference between today and say, CD8.  

I finally stopped bleeding this past week though so that's a plus!  Once that fabulous new addition to my cycle ended I picked back up on charting temps (up & down per usual but still low overall) and using OPKs (all depressingly faint thus far).  I did have some crampy pain around my right ovary the past couple days which I would have previously classified as ovulation pain but since I don't O, that is highly unlikely. I now wonder if that feeling is actually cyst pain which would mean I currently have a larger one in my right ovary. That makes sense to me and would explain why I get that sort of pain quite often (and then don't O). Thank you PCOS!

Overall though, I gotta say I am feeling much better emotion-wise so far this cycle than during the last few.  I'm hoping it's because of the Metformin, acupuncture & weight loss (all 4 lbs of it, woo!), and not just because it's still early yet.  The change in season could also be having a positive effect (Hubby & I are shopping for new patio furniture this weekend!). The real test will be if I gear up to O and then don't. Last cycle I noticed that the depressive feelings were the worst a few days after that happened each time and got progressively worse with every subsequent surge.  I guess I'll just have to see how this cycle goes.

I think I'm also in a good mood because Hubby and I had a great little mini-getaway this past weekend at Foxwoods Casino/Resort in CT! We stayed at the MGM Grand, saw a show, did some gambling (I learned Craps and won some $ at Blackjack!), and had a fancy dinner at Craftsteak (Chef Tom Colicchio's restaurant for any of you die-hard Top Chef fans like myself!)

Exhibit A: Acting like a dink
ASIDE: I sort of have a little crush on Tom Colicchio. I realize he's not really all that good looking and is sometimes a total jerk to the contestants but I think that's just part of his charm, haha (I was also totally convinced that when Padma had a baby and wouldn't reveal who the father was it was because it was Tom! But nope. What a let down :-)  I think I have a crush on him in the same way you would a co-worker who you probably wouldn't really notice in day-to-day life but since you're around him so much and you get to know his personality, he starts becoming cute to you. Know what I mean?...No?  Well whatever. Maybe this is indicative of the fact that my obsession with Top Chef has gone a bit too far.

Aaaanyway, back to real life.  So yes, we had a good time. We never really go anywhere unless it's on a planned real vacation to the Carribean or something so it was nice to change it up a little.  It was also nice to make some lovin' because we wanted to, not because we felt like we had to.  I vote for more getaways and more spontaneous sexy time!


  1. That sounds like a nice mini vacation! Are you a new england gal like me?

    I am so happy you stopped bleeding - on to bigger and better things I hope!

  2. Yes! From MA originally but first time at Foxwoods!