Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nevermind the sleet yesterday...

I am getting super duper (yes, I'm a 5 yr old) excited for summer! July 4th to be precise!  

Hubby and I just started planning our big Fourth of July party (well, technically 6th of July since that's the Saturday this year) and I can't friggin wait!  

Three years ago when we first moved into our house, we threw a huge Housewarming Party the weekend of the 4th which was a ton of fun and has now sort of become an annual tradition.  We made our guest list last night and this year the list is larger than the guest list for our wedding was! (We MAY or may not be getting slightly out of control with it. In a good way. Hopefully the cops agree.)

I ordered cute invitations off of Etsy the other day and worded them to emphasize the most important parts of our party:  food, full bar, DJ, games, swimming, aaaaaaand... a drunken jousting tournament!  We totally already reserved an Inflatable Gladiator Jousting Ring like the one in the picture :-)
Plus, I live in New Hampshire where fireworks are legal! (/insert evil laugh here/) This is a big deal to me because they're illegal in every other state I've ever lived in (and yes, I've gotten in a little trouble before -  I like fireworks).

We're also getting smart this year and hiring someone to grill all day since the last 2 yrs Hubby has been doing it himself and hasn't really been able to enjoy the party as much as he should.

We also already reserved the canopy, tables, chairs and port-a-potties (klassy!), and I can't wait to go shopping for stuff to make decorations, etc.

Don't worry - I DO realize it's April and we got sleet yesterday so we're a little crazy to be already thinking about this, but we are just super excited and love planning and throwing parties! 


Today Hubs and I are going shopping for new outdoor patio furniture. We want big comfy loungey stuff for around the pool and then also a nice new outdoor dining table with 8 chairs to replace our current crappy one.  The jury's still out on whether or not we are going to replace our former big glass-top bar with chairs that Hurricane Sandy decided to smash all over the yard last Fall. (I spent 4 HOURS vacuuming the lawn with the Shop-Vac and I STILL find pieces of that damn bar out there!  We will not be buying anything with a glass top again.)

Today is going to be an expensive day. Goodbye tax return, I hardly knew ye.


  1. This party sounds like so much fun!!!

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