Friday, April 12, 2013

Feeling better!

My back is decent, I'm off the meds, and my cold is almost gone! Yahoo!  
I'm still sleeping in the guest room though since every night around 12:30 I still wake up in a coughing fit and then proceed to aggressively clear my throat repeatedly in order to keep from choking on my own mucus.  Sexy. Hubby can appreciate that but still keeps asking me when I'll come back to our "marital bed", haha (like we're 18 yr old newlyweds living in 1950).  He's lonely in there.  I, however, am not. To tell you the truth, I sleep better in the guest room than in our room (likely because he is a snoring machine and blanket hog) and sort of wish we could always sleep in separate rooms. Or at least separate beds.  On opposite sides of the room. With a wall between us.  
I think my grandparents were on to something.

Note: Lucille Ball is not my grandmother

On the TTC-front:
The dotted crosshairs from FF disappeared a couple days ago as my temps went back down to normal. I think the high temps were just due to the pain/ inflammation.  

I've also noticed a serious lack of CM so far this cycle which is odd for me since I normally have EWCM here and there all throughout my cycle, baiting me into thinking I'm about to O (never the case).  I posted on The Bump's TTGP forum asking whether anyone has noticed a decrease in CM when taking Metformin and I seem to be alone in this.  I couldn't find much on google confirming this either so I don't know what is up.  Maybe the Met is actually successfully regulating my hormones and keeping the Estrogen at the level is SHOULD be, so I'm producing less CM? If so, maybe when I finally DO get some fertile CM, I will actually O this time! A girl can dream...


Like this?  :-)


  1. You know I can agree with you about sleeping better with the hubby not in the bed. I enjoy him there but do not enjoy his snoring, he sounds like an angry bear with a chainsaw!

    I hope you do O soon!

  2. glad you're feeling better!