Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meh, no more acupuncture

So, I stopped going to acupuncture about 3 weeks(?) ago.  I didn't really like it, I was just trying to convince myself that I did because I was hoping it would help.  "Oh it's so relaxing"...mmm, no.  It really is just getting one to two dozen needles stuck in you (some of them do hurt) and then you lay there for about 45 mins to an hour trying to relax and not move at all and ignore the fact that you are itchy all over your body but can't scratch anything. 

The nail in the coffin for me was just as I was starting to get a cold since, in community acupuncture [see this old blog post if you want more detail], if you have any kind of little tickle in your throat it is sort of like a mild form of torture since there is NOTHING you can do about it. You can't sit up to get a good cough out, and you try like hell to just keep swallowing and trying to ignore it so you don't disturb people by coughing or clearing your throat.  The last time I went I had a coughing fit which was complete TORTURE. I kept trying not to cough but realized there was no way around it so I tried to do it as quietly as possible with my mouth closed. It didn't work.  I started sweating, could feel my face getting bright red, and was worried my head was going to explode. Once I realized whatever I was doing wasn't going to cut it and I had to actually COUGH, I couldn't even bring my hand up to cover my mouth and had to just lay there like I had invisible straps on and just cough into the air with my mouth open. Gross. When that didn't even work I began to panic internally and got concerned that I was going to start thrashing about against my will. Thankfully, the acupuncturist came back into the room right then, made a beeline for me and mercifully popped a cough drop into my mouth. Sweet relief (even though it was icky menthol).  I haven't been back since.
"Oh, this feels so fabulous" - Bullshit.
I was never truly convinced it wasn't a bunch of BS anyway so I'm not too upset I haven't gone back. I think I'll try my luck with Clomid (proven results!) and see what happens. 

RE appt this Thursday!  I should be getting more Provera to start a new cycle (currently on CD50) and then likely the first round of Clomid.  Wish me luck!


  1. Sorry the acupuncture didn't work out - i have never tried it myself.

    I hope your appointment on thursday goes well and you see a CD1 soon!

  2. girl, I laughed out loud with the thrashing about bit! Sorry it didn't work for you and I'm sorry you have a cold.
    I hope your appointment goes well!!

  3. I feel you on the acupuncture! I started going in November because I had a very irregular cycle and I do think it helped regulate my periods a bit. But now I don't really want to go anymore, but don't know how to break it to my acupuncturist!