Friday, April 26, 2013

Can We All Agree?: Hemsworth Edition

For fun on TB this morning, someone asked who everyone's 5 'freebie' celebrities are.  I am totally lame because I'd never really thought about it. However, it took me about a fraction of a second for Mr. Chris Hemsworth to pop into my mind and then like any red-blooded woman I immediately googled him and found a ton of super hot pictures of him and his brother.

Can we all agree that Chris & Liam Hemsworth are the hottest brothers alive? I wish I lived next door to them growing up...

Yowza! Hello!

I recently watched Snow White and the Huntsman which gave me lovely dreams that night of Chris H :-)  For that reason, I believe I now need to watch Thor (it certainly wouldn't be for the plot). 

In my mind, Chris has the slight edge over Liam, not just in the looks category but also because Liam's engaged to Miley Cyrus so he is obviously a moron. How unfortunate.  
That certainly wouldn't stop me from a Hemsworth sandwich though...(salami sandwich?  HAHA!)

I think my hubby needs to come home so I can jump him now.

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