Friday, August 23, 2013

The 2WW is officially messing with my mind

Check out my temp rise today:

Yesterday I had sharp pulling pains in my ute-area, was exhausted all day for no apparent reason, and my boobs have been sore for more than a week.  This is totally fucking with my head. I can't stop thinking about peeing on a stick. Logically I know I should wait until at LEAST Sunday at 10PDO but I might just test tomorrow even though it's early so I can shut my brain up.  Once I see that BFN I'll calm down and wait to test again until next Tuesday (my planned test day) if AF hasn't shown by then.

Now I understand why people hate the 2WW! I am trying to temper my hopes because they are currently sky-high which is super dangerous since I'm likely just setting myself up for serious disappointment.

EDIT: Wow, I totally just forced you into a chart-stalk. Sorry about that.  See? I'm nutso right now!


  1. My fingers are crossed so hard for you I can barely type this! :D Welcome to the mindfluck that is the 2WW, I hope it's the only one you'll have to wait through!!

  2. FX that temp stays up!

  3. Oh the 2WW...staring at your chart for hours is totally normal - I promise! And I would have already peed on a stick by now. I can't wait to keep stalking your blog. ~LexiSophie55

  4. omg, I am totally freaking out for you!! eek!! Sorry, I'm sure this is not adding to your calmness, haha. Can't wait to hear though! Fx for you! ;)

  5. Holy cow.... Chickin! I hope this is it!! FX so hard!