Friday, August 9, 2013

Moving forward!

So I guess I've come to terms with our plan. I'm feeling better. DH and I talked a lot about it and firmly decided that we want to move forward with IVF.  (I'll spare you all the boring and emotional details of this decision.)  Now that I've gotten past the hesitation, it is full steam ahead!

I called the nurse back today and told her our decision. She gave me about 4 paperwork/referral/insurance type things to do right off the bat which I took care of today so we can get this show on the road.  She estimates that the authorization will take about 2 weeks to go through so we're holding off on starting a new cycle until that point. [Okay, so maybe it's not totally full steam ahead...more like hurry up and wait some more. That's okay though.] 

Once the procedure is authorized, I'll have b/w to confirm I'm not KU, take more Provera to start a new cycle, and start the 1 month of BCPs. After shooting myself up with lots o' meds, if all goes according to plan and my follies actually grow (FX!) the official egg retrieval (ER) will likely end up being in late October.  After all these months with zero chance, it is AMAZING to think that by this November, I could possibly be pregnant.  Wow.


  1. I'm so sorry that you have to move on to IVF but I am so happy that your RE didn't waste time and $ on medications and treatments that probably wouldn't work! Glad you have a plan! <3

  2. It must be exciting to have such a big plan in place! I hope all the prep work goes well for your IVF