Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Soooo...this happened today:

If only this was an HPT...
Yeah... Now I don't know WHAT to think!  We had put this cycle behind us and were content just waiting it out until the insurance authorization came in, then I'd take more Provera and we'd venture on into IVF territory.  

Now we're back to hoping and humping and temping and peeing on sticks.  I swear, my body just likes to play games with me; "Oh, you think I'm going to let you relax and NOT have to focus on IF & TTC for a few weeks?  NOPE! Muahaha!"

After the abject failure that was my monitoring ultrasounds earlier this cycle, I had completely stopped temping and thinking about things.  However, I tested on a whim when I got home from work because I'd been noticing a lot more CM than usual the past two days so I was suspicious.  Lo and behold - smiley face!

Granted, this could mean absolutely nothing since, with previous non-medicated cycles I would gear up to O multiple times per cycle but never actually O. Maybe this is just another, final, cruel joke before we move on to ART.

OR, maybe this will be a game-changer.  Since it's CD26 I highly doubt it's the meds finally kicking into gear and having an effect at this point, so if I actually O it would be on my own for the first time ever and that would be HUGE and would likely make us rethink our IVF plan.

I'll see what my temp does tomorrow but regardless I think I'm going to get up early, call my RE the minute the office opens, and see if I can run in for an u/s. If I actually have mature follies in there, it's possible I might poop myself with excitement.


  1. Gotta love how our bodies always find ways to flip us off, right? Fingers crossed that this is the real thing. Good luck!

  2. I hope this means you will ovulate this month! FX for you!