Tuesday, August 20, 2013

IVF is still the plan? Really?

So I just got off the phone with my favorite nurse to confirm with her that I definitely O'd and am currently 5DPO. I was calling because I wanted to know if I needed 7DPO bloodwork to check progesterone (I have never had this done since I have never O'd before). She said that's "not something they normally have done so it's not necessary, and particularly not with IVF patients".

I have 2 issues with this: 

(1) Doesn't 7DPO b/w test progesterone levels to ensure I had a strong O and have enough prog to support a pregnancy if I happen to get a BFP?  The RE already told me that miscarriage is more common among PCOS patients so if prog levels are a problem for me, isn't that something they'd want to know sooner (at 7DPO) rather than later (after already getting a BFP) so we'll know if I need prog suppositories?

(2) I am still classified as an IVF patient to them. They were shocked to hear that I O'd and the nurse called it "abnormal" multiple times. She really just seemed kind of dismissive (and maybe sort of confused?) about the fact I O'd and said that since it was abnormal and happened so long after when I should have O'd with the Clomid, that the Clomid did not actually work for me and this likely won't change anything about our IVF plan next cycle.

What?!?  Uhhh...I ovulated.   Even though it was later than expected, this means that I actually DO have the ability to O!  If I get a BFN this cycle, I just assumed that we'd do another cycle of 150mg Clomid + trigger + TI (or maybe IUI?) next cycle since we now know that it's possible even if it didn't happen during the "normal" timeframe.

I had been thinking that this was a total game-changer but I got the impression that the only way it matters in their eyes is if I get a BFP and it sticks. Otherwise, it doesn't change anything and "IVF is still my best chance of getting pregnant".  I asked the nurse to talk with the RE about the situation and see what his official recommendation is for next cycle.  If he is firm about moving forward with IVF I'm not sure how I feel about that. At this point I think I'd rather try Clomid one more time to see if I have a response.  I need to talk to DH about that though to see what he thinks. We'll have to decide quickly because if I get a BFN, the plan is for me to start the month of BCPs as soon as I get my period. 

However, if both Hubs and I are firm about wanting to postpone IVF and the RE wants to proceed as scheduled, I am thinking I might need to seek a second opinion.  Yuck.


  1. This would give me second thoughts too. The 7dpo bloodwork seems inconsistent from reading different people's experiences but would definitely be worthwhile in your case, especially since they have no other information to go on about what your LP is like. If they are refusing to do it and refusing to consider revising the plan, I'd want another opinion too. I hope they come around and are willing to work with you on this!

  2. I'm sorry you're feeling lost, Chickin. I wish there was something that would tell us the right path so we could just move on with it. Good luck with everything!