Thursday, August 8, 2013

Next Stop: IVF

I remember blogging about my first visit with the RE and writing that it felt like I had just voluntarily hopped aboard a fast-moving train and it wouldn't stop until I was KU or hit the end of the line. Well, it looks as though ours is the supersonic train since we are now quickly approaching the last stop: IVF.

All aboard the infertility train! Toot Toot!
Hubs and I met with the RE this morning and he flat out told us that IVF would be our best bet to get pregnant. He did not think Femara/Letrozole would be effective and we'd just waste more time and money while putting our future baby at risk of birth defects. (He does not really trust it either because using it for ovulation-induction is an off-label use and is not FDA approved. Hubs is very concerned about this too - much more so than I am.)  The RE does not want to do an inject cycle because "with the state of my ovaries, he can almost guarantee I will overstimulate" which would be more time and money wasted along with adverse health risks.  Therefore,  he suggests IVF as the best course of action for us.

This is a lot for me to take in.  As I wrote in my last post, even though I would tell myself IF could happen to anyone, I never truly thought it would be me/us. I always thought of IVF as some procedure that other people sadly had to go through in order to get KU, and that was totally fine, but that it would never come to that for us. Well, it seems it's come to that.

Above all, I am thanking my lucky stars that we have IF insurance coverage (that's a large part of why I stayed at this job with the awful commute and low salary) so that IVF is actually a feasible option financially. I also feel relieved that neither Hubby nor I feel any kind of moral or ethical opposition to Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and are on the same page there.

I just have so many emotions: I'm sad, guilty, scared, anxious, worried, excited, hopeful, disappointed... This is just not how I pictured it. This is not the way we envisioned starting our family.  But in the broad scheme of things, if we end up with a baby in our arms at the end of all this, will it really matter to us how we got here?

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  1. I can't imagine the flood of emotions you must be feeling. I'm early on in my IF journey, but I can relate when you talk about never imagining this would be you, or your journey - you know people go through these things, but it's hard to wrap your head around the fact that YOU are now one of them. IMHO and being a newbie at this, it sounds like your RE is coming up with a good plan for you. Time and money are one (important) thing to consider, but possible health complications are pretty serious and it sounds like they are taking that into account with this plan. Wishing you the best and sending big internet hugs your way!!