Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Yooo hooo, follies...

Today is CD12 so I had an ultrasound this morning to check on follie growth.  Unfortunately, there isn't much to report.  I had a lot of follies but they were all really small. The RE's office doesn't even measure them until 10mm+ and won't trigger until the lead is 22mm so I've got a long way to go yet.  I've had crampy ovary pain since about 4pm today though so maybe they're finally growing in there! I'll see on Fri AM at my next u/s.

I also got my trigger in the mail yesterday and I gotta say - it's a bit intimidating since I've never given myself a shot before.  Assuming I get to the point where I'll actually NEED the trigger (FX!), it will be an intramuscular shot in me bum. Therefore, Hubs will need to give me the shot. After watching the how-to video together I think he's more anxious about it than I am!

I'm feeling torn about the whole thing - I want my follies to grow big enough so that I'd need the trigger since that would mean we'd finally have a shot at getting KU but that would also mean that I'm voluntarily rooting for getting stuck in the arse! I hate needles.


  1. Good luck with your follie growth and with the shot! My triggers were stomach ones, so I am not sure how the intramuscular ones are, but I found that the anticipation is the worst part!

  2. Go follies, go! I hope that you get to trigger! I would imagine the anticipation is the worst part, so I suggest the bandaid method - just rip it off! (I do say this as someone who has not had to give themselves a shot yet) FX for you!!!

  3. I hope you get awesome growth news at the next appt! FX for you!

  4. Thanks ladies. It means a lot that you're rooting for me. ((HUGS))