Friday, July 12, 2013

Health Check In: Week 4

Weight loss this week: +0.5 lb (boooo) 

Total weight loss so far: 5 lbs 

Best health moment of the week: I hit 18,500 steps one day this week! (that's almost 8 miles!) Also, my hubby said he's really starting to see a difference in my body so maybe that half pound increase is not such a big deal. 

Goals for upcoming week: 
  • Focus more on eating healthfully; Eat more veggies, less white flour/sugar and keep total cals under 1500
  • Take 6,000 steps MINIMUM per day, strive for 8,000

Thoughts:  Hubs and I threw a huge Fourth of July party last weekend. It was a blast but it meant that this week our house was full of leftover junk food. I knew I should have thrown in out but instead I chose to be a piglet and eat most of it (hence the weight gain). I know that I can't keep those kinds of foods in the house without eating them but because the first half of this week was so difficult for me IF-wise, I made bad food choices and overate.
BTW, did you know there is a perfect (and amusing) German word for that?:
Grief-bacon. Heh.
All the crap is gone now but I have not shifted my focus back to eating healthfully as quickly as I should have so I really need to do that. I've lost a little motivation and I need to get it back! I think I'm going to look into fitness classes at the nearby gym. I haven't been there yet but I always love classes - it's just a matter of getting the motivation to try it once and then I'm usually hooked.


  1. Fourth of July week is a tough one!

    I used to do Zumba classes at the gym near our old house and LOVED it! Good luck finding a class that suits you!

    1. I love Zumba! That is how I got in shape for my wedding :-) I would love to find another good Zumba class.