Thursday, July 18, 2013

Health Check In: Week 5

*When I first posted about joining MFP and eating better, my weight was exactly 198 lbs. However, I'd already lost 2 lbs at that point so I should have just started at 200 because this is getting too confusing with the MFP numbers vs. the real ones. With this post I'm just combining them and will go with the real numbers (starting from 200) moving forward. Plus it's easier to do the math that way :-)

And speaking of math:
Weight loss this week: 1 lb

Total weight loss so far: would have been 6 lbs, actually 8 lbs total

Best health moment of the week: My clothes are so much more comfortable now. I don't feel the immediate need to change and lose the bra the second I get home from work.

Goals for upcoming week:
  • Join a gym 
  • Keep trying for at least 6000 steps per day minimum
Thoughts: I'm used this now. For the first few weeks, eating well and making good choices was constantly on my mind. Now it feels like this the default and 'treats' are few and far between which is the way it should be!

1 comment:

  1. Glad to hear that you are settling into to the eating well and that it is becoming second nature to you!

    keep up the good work!