Friday, July 26, 2013

Health Check in: Week 6

Weight loss this week: nada (well technically I lost another pound but then I gained it back)

Total weight loss so far: 8 lbs

Best health moment of the week: I'm down a notch on my belt!

Goals for upcoming week:
  • Try a new exercise class at the gym
  • Keep trying for at least 6000 steps per day minimum
  • Make at least 1 better food choice per day than I feel like making (aka: don't give in to temptation)
Thoughts: I've lost motivation. I didn't log my food into MFP for the majority of this week. I also forgot to wear my FitBit a lot of the time and didn't even bother logging in later to make the appropriate adjustments.  
I need someone to kick my ass to get back on the bandwagon.  Oh, hai Dr. Phil...

Okay, okay, some REAL motivation:

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