Thursday, June 19, 2014

TFMR Mamas!

I checked my blog traffic today and found that I've been getting lots of hits lately from an online TFMR (Termination for Medical Reasons) support group because someone posted a link to my blog!  I am so happy to see that and would like to give a shout out to any TFMR mamas who happen to stumble across this blog, be it now or many many months from now.

I use this little corner of the interwebs as my sounding board in a (sometimes futile) attempt to keep myself sane but I also operate under the partial delusion that writing about all of this stuff may be helping someone else (or potentially could help someone some day).  I sincerely hope that is the case and so I wish I had some sort of sage advice to share with you, but I don't. I've just been fumbling through this storm blindly and attempting to put words to the emotions while I try not to crack.

I also wish I was strong enough to speak out about TFMR; to fully come out and fight the good fight by sharing who I am and what I've been through without hiding behind my blogger name. But I'm not. Not yet anyway. I really look up to the women who can be completely transparent about their stories (like on 1in10blog or UnspokenGrief)  and while I think it's important to tell your story, I'm just not there yet. So, I'll continue to write my little blog and hope that something I say resonates with someone else.

So welcome TFMR mamas and check out the "Help through a loss (TFMR)" tab at the top!  I hate that any of us has to go through this but at least we're not totally alone.  
Feel free to comment anytime!


  1. You are helping SO many people with their losses (TFMR or otherwise) by writing about yours. You should be proud :)

  2. I agree with Krystal above, you are very much helping others who may be or may have been in this situation. None of us want to be apart of this infertility/loss world but at the same time it is such a blessing to have this community.

  3. You are amazing. Plain and simple!