Friday, June 20, 2014

Fill-the-Void Friday, 6/20

(For info on the origin of "Fill-the-Void Friday", click here.)

Here are this week's positives:
  • I did a good deed for someone special last week. It wasn't anything big but it meant a lot to them and it made me feel good :-)
  • Monday & Tuesday I flew to Washington DC for work to hand over our (600 page) finished proposal to the government. Traveling was a nice distraction for me and also, this means that the work craziness is officially DONE!
  • Tomorrow I'm having a bunch of my girlfriends over for a pool day. I haven't seen them much lately (read: I've been avoiding everyone since our loss) so it should be nice to all get together.
  • The other day I read a blog post by a loss mama who said that oftentimes when she thought of her baby she would see butterflies and took it as a sign from her son that he was still with her.  Not long after reading that, I stepped outside onto our back porch and couldn't help but cry a little when I saw this:

I love you too Petey.


  1. I love the idea that Petey is sending you butterflies to let you know that he/she is still with you!

  2. Petey is always with you <3 <3 What a beautiful hello.

    I hope you had a great pool day!!