Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pre-Op done!

It was so easy! I was slightly dreading it because I knew the Dr. would have to insert a catheter through my cervix and I have some slight post-traumatic stress from the evil catheter/balloon combo from the HSG but this was nothing like that, thankfully.  It felt similar to a pap and was over so quickly that I don't even really know how he got all the info he needed in that amount of time!

The worst part of it was the fact that I had to have a full bladder. If you've been following my blog for a while, you may remember this old post (I know Jaytee does!) about the first time I had to have an ultrasound with a full bladder.  (Long story short, that was not a good experience for me because I have a really hard time eating or drinking anything in the morning so chugging a ton of water right when I wake up is far from my favorite thing. And oh yeah, I also almost peed myself that day.)  However, I made it through all the gagging this morning without too much of an issue and did not pee my pants!  Hoorah! I did however, learn that I think I have developed a problem with saying inappropriate things when I'm nervous/anxious.  Exhibit A: When I had my HSG done, my body was still adjusting to the Metformin and while the Dr's head was between my legs, I told him I was worried I was going to poop on him. Whoops.  Exhibit B: This morning when the Dr. asked me during the middle of the sounding test if I was doing okay, I said yes, but that I was worried I was going to pee on him.  Both times, the Drs looked at me kind of like this:

Hahaha!  I need to learn to just keep my mouth shut.

Also this morning, Hubs had his repeat SA. Last time they did not bother testing morphology because we weren't planning IVF at that time but now they need the info. We didn't hear back about results today but I'll call tomorrow. Hopefully everything is fine!!


  1. I love you and our inappropriately hilarious comments!! FWIW, you were being honest, they asked, you answered ;) I'm so happy to hear everything went smoothly for you. Got everything crossed for you, girl! <3

  2. I'm glad that it went well :) FX that you guys get some great news!!

  3. Happy that the pre op went well!