Thursday, November 28, 2013


Wow, I am technically pregnant right now. That is awesome and also kind of hard to believe.  We had our 5DT yesterday and transferred 1 beautiful grade 7 blast. As it turns out, it was a GREAT decision to wait until day 5 since the embie they were going to transfer on day 3 ended up not growing as well. PHEW! We also found out that at least 2 of our embies will make it to freeze (possibly more)!!!  I am so freakin happy about that I can't even tell you.  Of course all this was not without some drama first...

I am sick.  The OHSS has been kicking my ass - I have no energy, no breath, tons of fluid in my abdomen, pressure, cramping, diarrhea (but also a constant feeling of constipation), and lightheadedness (is that a word?). That's all been really fun but then on Tuesday the nausea and vomiting started as well. As Laura so eloquently put it in one of her previous blog posts, I've been feeling like "the filling in a shit sandwich" lately. (I'm getting nauseous looking for google images of "shit sandwich" so you'll just have to imagine one here.)

Yesterday morning I felt absolutely awful. We were supposed to leave for the transfer at 10:45 and at 10:00 I was still bent over the toilet losing my breakfast.  Hubs and I had a long talk about pros and cons with just going ahead with the transfer or cancelling and doing a freeze-all then doing a FET sometime in January.  I'm still not even sure how we came to the decision we did but I decided to rally and armed with a puke bucket and saltines, we made the 1.5 hr trek through the driving rain and wind down to the hospital in Boston.  (I'm pleased to report that although I came close a few times, I never actually needed the bucket.)

Because I am lightheaded, short of breath, nauseous and so crampy I can't stand up straight, walking is hard. Once at the hospital, it took 3 stops along the way and a near fainting episode in the ridiculously hot (and SLOW) elevator to make it to the IVF suite but I did it.  Every time I had to stop Hubs was like: "That's it! We're not doing this, come on, we're going home." And I of course was like:  "Like hell we are! We've made it this far, I'm not turning around now!" Luckily, the nurse immediately got me some anti-nausea meds which was a lifesaver and after confirming with the doctor that it was still okay for me to go ahead with the transfer, we started prepping for it.  

It was so quick and easy and although I was still feeling crappy I was (am) SO happy to have it over and done with and to not have to wait until January.

Also, Hubs was adorable during the transfer - he was all wonderment (I'm using all kinds of potentially made-up words today!) when we were in the OR and he could see the embryo and fluid entering my uterus.  I agree it was kind of neat but I wasn't quite so amazed since I am so used to seeing the inside of my body through ultrasounds that I guess I'm kind of dulled to it all now.  This was the first time Hubs has been present for any sort of actual MEDICAL aspect of IVF - I've been the one going in for all the monitoring and bloodwork, giving myself the shots, and of course going through the egg retrieval...I didn't think about the fact that this was all new to him.  Once we got out and were relaxing we had a nice emotional moment with hugging and kissing and tears.  We may have just made our baby.  I am technically pregnant with our little Pete.  (PS: We are not naming the baby Pete. Hubs has been jokingly calling it that because it was made in a Petrie Dish, hahaha!)

Sigh. I am happy and relieved and just hope that A) this works and B) I don't get sicker. 
My beta is scheduled for Monday, Dec 9th.  I am hoping to try to hold off on POAS until the beta but with the progesterone (aka: crazy-making juice) coursing through my body, I make no promises.

PS: Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!  Unfortunately, I will be staying home on the couch today trying to feel like a human instead of eating delicious food with family, but Hubs has promised to bring me home leftovers which I hope to be able to keep down :-)


  1. Congrats, lady! Hope you start feeling good soon.

  2. This post makes me so freaking happy, Chickin!!! I am so happy for you!! It sounds like it was a rough road getting there, but girl, YOU'RE PREGNANT!!!! I hope you start to feel better soon! Keeping everything crossed Pete snuggles in tight and makes a good home for the next nine months!!! <3
    Also, Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I hope your OHSS symptoms ease up soon. Congrats on being PUPO!

  4. oh how exciting!! so sorry you've been feeling so terrible...really hope the OHSS gets better!

  5. So exciting! I am glad your decision to go to the 5DT worked out! So sorry that you were feeling so terrible though :( I am sure it will all be worth it in the end!!!