Monday, November 25, 2013

A very silly day.

So this morning I got the call from the hospital saying I should come in this afternoon for a 3DT. I was bummed to say the least. All signs had pointed to a 5DT (I'm young, I have a ton of fertilized eggs, the nurses and retrieval doc said I'd most likely be Day 5...), so I was really upset that they wanted us to do a Day 3 because that must mean my embryos weren't very good quality. I cried. (Shocking, I know.) I did call the nurse then to let her know about my concerns with transfer due to my OHSS symptoms and she talked to the doctor who then called me and told me to still come in, just 1.5 hrs earlier so they could do testing first to see how bad the OHSS was. If it wasn't too severe then they would transfer this afternoon and if it was bad then we'd do a freeze-all and a FET in January.

We left the house honestly not knowing what we were hoping for.

We got there and waited forever again and then the nurse brought me back, had me change into a gown/hairnet/the whole nine yards, and proceeded to draw approximately half a billion vials of blood.  Then we waited another 45 minutes for the results. We found out I have moderate OHSS which sucks but is not a huge deal (just very uncomfortable) and that we could still go ahead and transfer!!  So the doc brought out the info on all our embryos and showed us a picture of the 2 lovely 8-cell and 9-cell embies that the embryologist recommended for transfer.  Then we told him we only want to transfer one since we want to decrease our chances of twins. He agreed that was the prudent choice (again, since I am young and should have a lot of embies to freeze for more chances if this one doesn't take), then told us he'd be right back to bring me in and went to inform the embryologist. Then he didn't come back for 20 mins.

Now keep in mind, I had already been there for 2 hours by that point and was drinking water and Gatorade that whole time since you need a full bladder for transfer. That, coupled with my huge ovaries pushing down on my bladder was causing me to have to pee so badly I don't even know how to explain it in words. It HURT. It hurt like a motherfucker and I was seriously about one second away from standing in a puddle.  I started to panic and just as I was flagging down a nurse to say that if the doctor did not bring me back NOW, this transfer was not happening because I was about to pee myself, my doc plus 3 other gowned staff were walking over to us while in the midst of a lively discussion.  Ooooh-kay.

All four were doctors: 2 REs and 2 Embryologists, and as we found out they were discussing the merits of transferring now vs. waiting until Day 5. I did not know that was even an option at this point.  We came in thinking we were either transferring TODAY or doing a freeze-all (because that's what everyone had told us all day long) but apparently that was not the case.  The doctors were somewhat at odds with their thoughts on what would be best but left it up to us to decide.  Long story short: My embie report was JUST under the cutoff for an automatic 5DT which is why they had us come in today but they think quite a few of the embies will make it to blastocysts, one of which could be transferred on Wednesday and the others frozen.  By waiting we are obviously taking a gamble since we were already gowned up and ready to go and staring at two healthy 8/9 cell embies, but the odds of implantation are better with a 5DT. They said that if we had planned to transfer both embies today they would have gone ahead but since we only wanted to do one, the better choice was to wait.  If we waited, I'd also have a little extra time for my OHSS to get better. So we talked it over quickly and decided to take the gamble with Day 5. Then I ran (RAN!) to the bathroom and peed for 2 minutes straight.

Sooooo, that was an unexpected turn of events.  Throughout the day I went from being anxious about whether we'd get "the call", to crushed that we had to go in for a 3DT (thinking my eggs were bad or the embryos were no good), to scared that we would have to do a freeze-all, to elated that we would be able to do the transfer, to confused about what was best, to completely unsure of whether we made the right decision.  We definitely left today feeling a little shell-shocked, confused, annoyed (that we had to go through all of that for nothing just to have to go through it all again on Wed), frustrated, and also slightly hopeful since we had wanted a 5DT all along.  When I asked Hubs how he felt he said it felt like we had just bought a new car, went to go pick it up, signed all the paperwork, and had keys in hand and then were told we'd have to come back in 2 days to get it.  Pretty good analogy but I'm not really sure who is the car in this scenario...

All in all, even though today was a crazy-ass rollercoaster, I guess in the end this is probably the best case scenario!!  I really hope we made a good decision and I hope that this is what will bring us our baby. I just pray that we will indeed have some blasts on Wed.

What a day.

And in case you are interested, here is the state of my embies as of early this afternoon:
  • 24 eggs retrieved, 14 fertilized, 2 abnormal/did not grow past 4cells. 
  • Of the 12 remaining embies; I have qty1 - 11cell; 2- 10cell; 1 - 9cell; 5 - 8cell, 2 - 7cell, and 1 - 6cell.   
  • The two the embryologist recommended for transfer today had the least amount of fragmentation (highest score).  It looks like 3 of the remaining 12 have a low fragmentation score so we may lose those.
All in all, great embryo report and I'm excited for Wednesday! 


  1. All and all, even with the ups and downs, it sounds like good news! I'm sending positive growing vibes to your embies. Good luck on Wednesday!

  2. It sounds like such a messy day and I'm sorry that you went through all of that, but I am so so happy to hear that things are still looking really good for you! I'm glad that your embies are doing well and that the OHSS doesn't look terrible. FX for you!!

  3. Sorry for all the confusion of yesterday, that must have been tough. But hey, you didn't pee your pants, AGAIN!! ::high five:: I am so excited for you to transfer tomorrow!!!! I hope the OHSS is easing up for you! <3

  4. wow, what a lot of ups & downs!! so exciting that they will transfer tomorrow though!!

  5. Wow what a crazy day. Good luck for your transfer tomorrow!!!!!