Thursday, July 24, 2014

Weight-loss Check in: Week 2

Weight loss this week: 1.5 lbs (5.5 lbs total, 14.5 to go!)

Healthy eating highlights: Since I love charts I made myself a weekly meal planning chart to help me plan lunches and dinners in advance so I don't end up in the position of being starving with no idea what to eat and then just getting takeout.  It has been extremely helpful!

Exercise highlights: I tried a new class at my gym this week: Step Zumba. It's a combo of Step Aerobics and Zumba and should more accurately be called 'Zumba on Steroids'. It KICKED MY ASS. To the point where I could barely get my arms and legs to function enough to drive home after class.  It was awesome :-D The catch is that I have to basically sneak out of work early (like, 3pm early) on those days in order to get home in time to make it to class. So that's a bummer.  I'll go when I can though! 

Other shtuff: It was great to step on the scale this week and see that I am back in the 100s so quickly! Yay me. I have my appt with my PCP next Thursday so I am happy that when they weigh me in I should be in the 100s even with clothes on :-)

This week I put together the below visual weight loss motivator for myself (thanks Pinterest!). The jar on the left represents each pound I still have to lose and as each pound disappears I get to transfer a glass rock over to the "gone!" jar!  I think it will be neat to see my weight loss in a concrete way.

Lastly, Hubs commented the other day that he can already tell that I'm losing weight. Yay!


  1. This is the best idea ever!!! I need to try this! Congrats on the progress you have made, that is wonderful!! It's even better when your spouse notices :)

  2. I love the jar idea!! What a great way to see how far you've come. And congrats on getting closer to your goal :)

  3. Look at you go!! Step Zumba sounds like my worst nightmare, I'm barely coordinated enough to walk down the street so good for you for being able to do that class!!

    I also love the jar idea. You should be so proud, you're doing so well!!

  4. I love the jar idea! YAY for such great progress! I have been DYING to try step zumba but no one around here offers it. Hoping it makes its way here soon! I think of you often and am sending you lots of love. <3

  5. You are doing so great Chickin! And those jars are such a good idea, the visual representation of your weight loss and transferring the glass rocks must feel so good!

  6. I know it sounds so cheesy, but I feel like a good ol', "You go girl!" is really appropriate here! Seriously, I'm so proud of you! And I love the jar idea, the visual is such a great motivator and it's so pretty, too! <3

  7. What a great idea! Awesome work Chickie! Keep it up!