Thursday, March 13, 2014


Finger pricks that is! I've been doing a lot of this lately:
 Luckily, I have some experience with sticking myself with needles thanks to IF...

Funny story; when I searched googleimages for "finger prick" this gem appeared:

Anywho, I've been sticking needles into my fingers 4 times/day lately because I met with an OB and high-risk nurse at my clinic earlier this week to discuss how my PCOS/insulin resistance might affect my pregnancy, and they decided I should test my blood sugar for the next week to see what we're working with. If my levels indicate that I already have issues regulating my blood sugar then they'll consider me 'high-risk'; I'll have to go in twice a week every week until the end of my pregnancy for monitoring (yikes), and they'll pretty much treat me like I've got the 'Diabeetus' even if I don't actually have it.

It's only been a couple days but so far so good with most of the BS readings. I reaaaaaally hope I don't fail this test.  As long as everything is good I don't need to worry and can just continue on like normal and then go in and do the regular fasting glucose test that all pregnant women take around 26 weeks (that's the one where you fast then drink the gross sugary drink and get your blood tested 1 hr later and 2 hrs later). Fingers crossed!

At the appointment we also discussed me continuing on 1500mg Metformin daily.  Apparently the medical community is somewhat divided on whether or not pregnant women who were on Met prior to pregnancy should stay on it or not. I personally want to stay on it because I feel better on it,  there have been studies showing it actually helps with breastfeeding (women will PCOS can have troubles BF), and there have been no adverse effects found in infants born to pregnant women taking Met. Soooo, it seems silly to me that I should go off of a medication that is helping me with my insulin resistance, when pregnancy already increases a normal (non-IR) woman's resistance to insulin! Wouldn't that be rather counter-productive and just ensure that I would indeed end up developing gestational diabetes?  Luckily, my doctors agree and all seem to come down on the same side of the debate that I do so I'll be staying on it. Victory!

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  1. 1. That picture is pure pure gold. Amazing.
    2. I really really hope you're eating your oatmeal.
    3. Prick is a funny word to me.
    4. Yay for a Met victory!
    5. I wish New Hampshire was closer to my little part of Canada.