Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"Have you picked out any names yet?"

To this question I usually just say "we're still thinking about it." Honestly, I think we've already decided but I've heard horror stories from women on my BMB about all the unwanted opinions people feel free to express the moment you share the name so I'm a little gun-shy.

Along these lines, yesterday I was having a discussion with a coworker about naming your kids. First she begged me not to pick any trendy/different names (ok well, not sure how it affects you but we weren't planning to anyway) and when I said we were likely going to stick with some family names and, if it's a boy, name him after Hubs' beloved Grandpa John she proceeded to tell me she "HAAAAAATES the name John because it's soooo boring".
Okay, well fuck you very much and I never asked your opinion anyway. 

Maybe we WILL wait until the birth to share the name. Oy.


  1. definitely wait!! we are keeping our names secret from our family, friends, and the people they are named after! when the babies are here in our arms and we announce the names, they will have no choice but to love them and keep their mouths shut!

  2. Why do people assume that you want their opinion?? I can totally see why people keep it a secret. However, if you want allow your favourite Canadian stalker to live vicariously, you know I already love Petey Nugget and you and wouldn't be a judgmental asshat. Just sayin' ;) <3

  3. I am with jaytee16 -- some people are asshats and I have no idea why they assume people want their opinion. I am sure whatever name you pick out with be perfect!

  4. What the hell is there to hate about the name John?! People need to shut their faces. You should start messing with her and make up outrageous names just to see her reaction. Bwahahahahaha.

  5. we waited to announce our little girl's name when she was born. We didn't tell anyone! It was a little tough, but kind of fun too - that moment when we announced her name at the hospital was so sweet. We did it more just so it would be special than because we were worried about comments, but once we made that decision I realized how nice it was that I wouldn't have to deal with any opinions on the subject, haha.