Friday, March 14, 2014

18 weeks! 4 days to go!

I've been waiting for this week!!  Less than 4 days to go until our anatomy scan and we get to find out if little Petey Nugget is a boy or girl!!!  At this point, Hubs has me so convinced it's a boy I think even I will be surprised if it's a girl!  I honestly do not have a preference either way though, I'm just so excited to find out!! (And I'll share on here, of course.)

Here's da bump:

I'm gonna do a list this week!
Weight gain: +4.5 lbs
Size of baby: Sweet potato/green pepper depending on which website I look at
Cravings: Nothing really. I'm very focused on my scheduled eating this week due to the blood sugar testing 4x/day
Symptoms: (I'm a little afraid to pull the trigger on this one because it tricked me last time but...) The nausea seems to be letting up and I haven't puked in almost a week!  Hoorah! Besides that, I'm still quite tired most of the time and I feel the pulling/pinching of the round ligament pain many times/day.  I also experienced the elusive 'lightening-crotch' for the first time the other day. Coincidentally, the pain seared through my vag at the exact time I happened to be speaking in a meeting at work which caused me to stop mid-sentence and do this: 
I think people were confused.

Rings: Still on but getting tight...
Maternity clothes: Pants are a must but I haven't crossed over into tops yet and am still just wearing my largest/longest ones. I'm hoping I still have a few more weeks before I need to buy some. 
Stretch marks: Oh yes. I am a zebra. I'm going to choose to think of them as the battle scars of IF made visible so that I can appreciate why they are there and that they got me to where I am now. 
Belly button: Will still be an innie for a while but getting rounder and more shallow
Bewbs: Still tender and my nips are chameleons; they seem to be a different shade of pink every other day. Today for instance, they are a lovely tie-dyed mixture of peachy/coral/pink.  Interesting. 
Sleep: Ugh.  A typical night: 
  • Go to bed around 10:30,
  • shift around and adjust pillows/snoogle for 20ish mins to find comfy position,
  • force Hubs to rub my back because it feels like all my vertebrae shift out of position when I lay on my side,
  • fall asleep and snore like a bear until 2-3am,
  • get up to pee,
  • go back to bed and shift around/lay awake feeling ill until at least 4am,
  • get up to pee again,
  • give up and go into the guest bedroom hoping that the change of scenery will help me fall asleep (which, on a good night happens quickly, and on a normal night just causes me to lay awake in a different bed hoping not to puke while I eventually fall back to sleep),
  • wake up around 7am ready to pee my pants.
Movement: Nothing yet but I'm hoping to feel something soon! 
Best moment of the week: We got all our integrated genetic screening results back and everything came back negative which means the baby has a very low risk for trisomy 18, neural tube defects, and downs syndrome!  YAY!!!
Looking forward to: Going crib-shopping for the first time tomorrow and then anatomy scan on Tuesday! Can't wait!!


  1. So excited to hear about your anatomy scan! Will you still refer to the baby as Petey if it is a girl? Ha! Also great news about being low risk for all of those things!

    I was actually excited to get into maternity tops because I feel they emphasize the bump better and make a belly look rounder instead of frumpy!

    Sorry about the lightening vag, but i loved that .gif!

  2. Oh i forgot to ask - are you doing any sort of "reveal" of the sex?

    1. I don't know yet! We're not getting everyone together but we do already have plans with my in laws next weekend so I've been trying to think of something I could do. Any ideas? :-)

  3. Yay for good results on your genetic testing! Hope your LO wants to show off the goods at your A/S!

  4. I'm so glad to hear that the genetic screening results were positive! I can't wait to hear about your anatomy scan - I hope that everything looks perfect there as well <3

  5. Hurray for awesome screening results!! And I'm also very glad I'm not the only one with mood ring style nipples.

  6. YAY for great results from your screening!! I legit LOL'd at your telling of lightening crotch and the gif is priceless!!! OMG I'm so excited to find out if Petey is a Pete!! Lots of love to you both! <3

  7. Yeah for great genetic screening results!! I can't wait to hear @ your anatomy scan!!