Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I can't sleep anymore.

This. Totally. Sucks. I fall asleep just fine but then I wake up every night sometime between 1:30 and 3:30 and can't get back to sleep for hours. I am not liking this pattern.

Here's what I spend my time doing in the middle of the night lately:
70% of the time: Laying awake thinking about random stuff/upcoming plans and picturing every scenario of how things might go. I usually end up making myself either excited or anxious. Either way, it just wakes me up more.

15%: Thrashing about angrily

10%: Giving up and A) wandering around the house, B) surfing the interwebz, C) going to the spare room/couch to hopefully fall asleep again due to change of scenery

4%: Calculating exactly how much sleep I will get if I fall asleep riiiiight...NOW. No? Okaaay...NOW.  Nope, how about...NOW....

1%: Sleeping soundly through the night (that should probably be more like 0.1%)
I usually finally fall back to sleep about 30 mins before it's time to get up which results in me being a total zombie the next day and feeling like a big pile of poo. It's now like a fun game of hide-and-seek for Hubs each morning since he never knows where he's going to find me when the alarm goes off!

Ugh, I'm going to the spare room now to hopefully catch a shred of sleep but I'll probably just do some more of this:


  1. Sorry about the restless nights, but I seriously LOL'd at your time break down! I refuse to let myself look at the clock when I'm restless or I calculate how long I get to sleep too! I hope you get your sleep schedule back on track!!

  2. Sorry to hear you're having sleep issues. Have you tried using Melatonin? It helps me and C when we are having sleep issues. I hope you get better sleep!

  3. I'm sorry, girl. I have lost many nights of sleep thanks to stress... It is so frustrating!!! I hope you get a good nights rest soon.