Thursday, October 24, 2013

Got my IVF schedule!

I had my IVF class this morning and it went really well.  I'm relieved that there was nothing new or unexpected and that I now have all the info.  During the class Hubs and I got to practice loading/injecting all the different types of shots. Unfortunately, the nurse wanted me to actually TAKE the shots while we were with her (just with some sterile fluid) so I gave myself a subcutaneous one in the belly (that will be for the Lupron & Gonal-F) and then Hubs gave me the intramuscular one in my bum. He was really nervous but did a great job. The little one I gave myself was a total breeze but the one from Hubs hurt like a mo-fo! I'm glad I'll only need to get one of those suckers (trigger shot - Novarel). It made me jump when he stuck me and I'm still a little sore even now. I also learned that I'm apparently a bleeder. 
Aside: I will refrain from making the obvious reference to "There's Something About Mary" here, since I already referenced that movie just a few posts ago and the fact that it's come up twice now is sort of weird. I barely even liked that movie when it came out in the 90s and if I reference it again you will probably think it's my all-time favorite movie or something but that would be incorrect because my all-time fav movie is most definitely Shawshank Redemption. Damn, now I kind want to watch it again for the eleven-millionth time.
Aaaanyway, based on all the info, I made myself a handy-dandy calendar to follow so that I can just check off the meds as I take them and there's no confusion.  I'm also kind of ADD so without this I'd probably wander away from the meds as I'm prepping them to go make the bed, examine the dog for ticks, or check the weather and then forget all about it.  Hopefully this will help. Here's the calendar for November!:

It's hard to see but I color coded all the different meds and put in the tentative dates for everything.  As of now, here's what my schedule looks like:

10/9-11/5: 4 wks BCPs
10/29: Start Lupron
11/7: Pre-op & Sounding test
11/8: Should get my period around this date
11/9: Baseline BW & US, Start Gonal-F, decrease dose of Lupron
11/14-11/21: Montoring BW & US as needed. Clinic will adjust med dosages daily as needed
11/21: Anticipated trigger (Novarel)
11/23: Anticipated ER (Crinone starts 11/25)
Hoping for a 5DT on 11/28 (Thanksgiving!!)

I thinking it's sort of neat that with this schedule our 5DT (day transfer) falls on Thanksgiving, but I also know that going into the hospital for procedures on a holiday kind of sucks because there's often a skeleton crew and the unlucky workers who ARE there likely do not want to be there.  Oh well!  Not like I can do anything about it anyway so I will just be thankful if that is the case :-)

I'm officially excited!!

Update: I am apparently not just a bleeder but also a bruiser!  I've got two fresh ones already.  I will spare you a pic of my belly roll complete with stretch marks though :-)


  1. I can tell you're excited from the first sentence of your post :) Good luck, Chickin!!

  2. Eeeek, I'm so excited for you, chickin!!! And it's now time for my public declaration of my crush on you: colour coded calendars AND Shawshank?! We really are soulmates. ILY and will be rooting so hard for you!!

  3. You are so organized! Love the color coding!

  4. so excited for you to get this process underway, it's finally here!! :) you're super organized with that calendar!