Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Quick update (CD11)

I had me an ultrasound this morning to check on them thar follies.  Nada.  Lots o' little ones as usual but nothing measurable. Again.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't more hopeful this time around since I'm trying a new med and reaaaally want to have a response.  I'm not surprised about these results though.  I'll be going back for another follie scan on Friday AM. If there's still nothing measurable then I'm pretty sure it's over and we'll make the plan for IVF next cycle.  Sigh.

In related news, I had a very fun 3-day weekend out of town with friends and had some drinks. That was apparently a REALLY bad idea.  Take it from me: Letrozole and drinking do not mix. I have never had such a strange and unpleasant feeling. It was kind of a headache I suppose but really, it felt like someone hit the back of my head/nape of my neck with a baseball bat. The strange pain radiated up and through my brain and down around my neck and shoulders. I took a bunch of ibuprofen (a no-no when TTC but it was the only thing around), drank a ton of water and took a 2 hr nap. Luckily I felt better when I woke up but holy crap. I will never do that again. Fortunately for my friends, that meant they had an automatic DD the whole rest of the weekend. Unfortunately for me, I learned that tailgating before a football game while sober really is not the same experience.


  1. Sorry you aren't seeing any follie growth - hopefully there will be some progress on Friday.

  2. Sorry your u/s didn't go quite as you'd hoped, fx for good results on Friday! And I will definitely remember about the drinking and letrozole, that sounds crappy. Sorry it put a little damper on your weekend, hopefully you still enjoyed your trip overall :D

    1. J - I did, thanks! We didn't make it to The Falls though :-( Hopefully next year.

  3. grow, follies, grow!!!

  4. FX that you make some good progress by Friday!!