Monday, September 16, 2013


Over the weekend I threw my back out. Arrrgggghhhh! SO frustrating!! But all I can really do is laugh about it at this point... 

God, I am such a Debbie Downer lately!  Honestly I have been feeling a little better mentally but this is not helping matters.

I didn't even do anything to hurt it either, just twisted funny and out it went. Luckily though, the injury isn't as bad as it's been in the past so hopefully I'll be feeling okay in a couple more days. Hubs and I are supposed to be having EOD sex right now just in case I happen to magically O late again this month but I don't think that's gonna be happening since I'm pretty much immobile right now and we're not really into necrophilia.

I was supposed to go in again tomorrow AM (CD18) for a final ultrasound to see if there has been any progress on the follies but I rescheduled for Wed morning and am keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be well enough to ride in the car for 1.5 hrs if Hubby drives. If, for some reason, we find my follies ARE actually growing in there I'm going to ask about whether I could convert this cycle into an IUI since TI really isn't an option.

I've kind of given up caring at this point and am just waiting to move on and start the IVF process.


  1. ((hugs)) I'm sorry your back is causing you pain & hope you are feeling better soon <3

  2. I'm sorry, Chickin :( I have loads of experience in the 'sore back for no reason' category, sorry you're dealing with that. Might I suggest the Starfish?? :P
    I hope you feel better soon and I hope your appt goes well tomorrow. <3

  3. Ugh sorry about your back :( Hopefully it goes away quickly

  4. I'm sorry about your back and I have my FX for good results from tomorrow's scan!