Wednesday, September 18, 2013

And now for something completely different...

LOL!  I love this because A) it's random and ridiculous and makes me laugh, and B) It makes me think of Jen!

I felt like changing it up today because I am like a broken record of negativity lately. I know it's bad when I'm even annoying mySELF!  

And NOW for the negativity, haha:

So I had another ultrasound this morning and there was no additional growth to speak of, still nothing measurable. It was exactly what I expected so I really didn't even have a reaction to it even though the U/S Tech and nurses were all in I'm-so-sorry-consoling mode. Honestly I was really just kind of peeved to go through it all since I had to drive myself in (45 mins each way) with my bad back since Hubs is sick. I'm paying for it now with the back pain. 

As I said in the IDOB check-in this morning, my regular nurse wasn't there today and I got the distinct impression that the other nurses just don't know what to do with me. They scheduled me for another u/s on Friday AM (doesn't make much sense to me since I had almost zero growth in the last 5 days so I'm not quite sure why they think something would happen during the next 2 but whatever) and said that if it's still nothing they'll bring me back again on Monday and in the meantime they'll talk with the RE.  

I'm thinking...not. I think I'll call tomorrow to try to talk with my regular nurse about more logical next steps.  Monday makes some sense to me but I highly doubt anything's going to happen between now and Friday so I'd just be wasting more time and money.  Also, right now I'm honestly just sick of the pitiful looks and compassionate words from the nurses so I really don't want to be in there any more than necessary lately. 

At this point I want to just be done with this cycle so we can move on with  IVF (i.e.: a plan that might actually have some hope of working for us). 

Sorry I'm so negative lately.

On the bright side, my RE office has a "lending library" and I spied a brand-y new copy of "What He Can Expect When She's NOT Expecting" which I nabbed and brought home for Hubs.  He actually said he's really looking forward to reading it (I am too!) so that's exciting :-)


  1. I have loved that gif since you posted it for me, makes me laugh EVERY time and it also makes me think of you :D
    I really hope your back is on the mend soon, and sorry you didn't get better results at the u/s. Hopefully you can speak with your nurse about going Mon instead, that's a lot of driving to appts for you. Always rooting for you, friend!! <3

  2. I'm sorry that you're in a holding pattern, and hope that your regular nurse can help get things moving along. I wonder if you'll have to wait long to get started with an IVF cycle? I had to go on BCPs because my right ovary had a few cysts, but I'd imagine that if yours are quiet to begin with that maybe you can get right to it?! I hope so!! I am always rooting for you and here for you too <3

  3. I got that book for my husband too! (and read it myself) it was good and an easy read.

  4. I may have to check out this book. Wishing you all the best sweets!