Friday, February 27, 2015

Pre-e worries: Update

Okie doke. So, as I mentioned in my 33 week check-in post, I was concerned about pre-e since I gained 8 lbs in the past week (!), my blood pressure has been high, there's been protein in my urine, and my swelling is increasing.

Even though my next appt was scheduled for this coming Tuesday I called my OB's office this morning to let them know about my worries and they said they wanted to see me ASAP so I went in this afternoon.

Based on today's appt I guess everything is fine for now as far as I know.  My blood pressure was good at the office (still higher than usual for me at 121/83 while normal is about 110/75ish but nowhere close to some of the readings I've been getting at home with my BP cuff - highest has been 145/98!) so that's good. But it's also slightly frustrating since I feel like the boy who cried wolf.

They tested my urine and the protein level is still at +3, as it was at my last appt a little over 3 weeks ago (and consistent with my own testing at home).  They sent me home with a pee jug and are having me do a 24 hour urine collection.  Since I have a 3-hour baby class at the hospital tomorrow and then my shower on Sunday I won't be able to do the collection until Monday into Tuesday and will bring it back to the lab on Tuesday morning. I also mentioned to the doc that I have been turned down for a urine test at every single prenatal appointment so far and she said she'd put it in my chart to make sure it is now tested every time moving forward. Good.

They also drew blood and I should get results within a couple/few days. I believe that is to make sure I'm not having any kidney issues.

Regarding the crazy weight gain, the doc didn't really have an answer for that. She seemed to chalk it up to the fact that my weight hasn't really changed in about 3 weeks, plus regular pregnancy swelling, plus growth of the baby, and she suggested that maybe I have been eating too much sodium which could be causing excess water retention.  That's possible - I haven't really been focusing on sodium and I do eat canned soup almost every single day for lunch which is full of sodium so maybe all of this is just the perfect storm this week.  I guess I'll just have to see how the next week goes weight-wise.

A good thing is that I don't have any additional symptoms of pre-e: vision changes/floaters, severe headaches, abdominal/shoulder/back pain (beyond normal 3rd tri aches and pains), swelling that so bad it's pitting... I did vomit the other day but I think that was more due to having an empty stomach and eating too many Tums, and I see stars pretty often but it's always after movement (changes in position or bending over to pick something up), so I'm not worried about that stuff.

So for next steps, I need to do the 24 hr urine catch, she told me to continue to monitor my BP and keep using the urine test strips if I want to, try to limit my sodium intake, and just wait for the results of my B/W (and then urine collection next week).   They're also switching me to routine appts every other week now moving forward.

Lastly, I did mention to her that I've been feeling the baby move less lately so she gave me a non-stress test (NST) to make sure baby is doing okay. And he is! His HB is good and he passed in plenty of time. She also told me I should be doing kick counts (which is interesting because at my last appt I specifically asked that doc if I should do them and he said no), so I'll be starting those now.

I'm also measuring at exactly 33 weeks so that's good :-)

All in all I still feel a bit concerned but I'll just keep an eye on things and keep my FX that all my test results come back okay. 

Thanks to everyone who checked in on me today!!


  1. Glad you went and got checked out. And even more glad that baby boy was looking good!! Hopefully your BP and swelling improves. Have fun at your shower this weekend!

  2. Great, great news! Enjoy your shower.

  3. Go with your gut. If something feels wrong, and you feel like you are still gaining too much weight (too fast), call to go see your doc again. :) Sending prayers your way <3

  4. So glad they got you in to check you out and that everything looks ok! FX everything continues to look good and that all your test results are good. Have a great shower!

  5. Glad things are going well! That must be so frustrating to get different answers at your OB! Luckily you are smart enough to voice your concerns and have them take action! FX you don't get Pre-e in the remaining weeks!

  6. Great, great news! Enjoy your shower.

  7. I hope that everything comes back normal! I'll be thinking of you! I'm so glad to hear that baby boy is doing well! You are getting so close to meeting him - I can't fucking wait <3

  8. Glad it seems there is nothing too serious to worry about right now. Enjoy your shower.

  9. I'm so glad things are ok. I hope it stays that way and it's smooth sailing for these last few weeks! Have a great time at your shower tomorrow.

  10. I can't wait for shower pics! :-)

  11. Just wanted to comment that I was dealing with the same symptoms from 32 weeks on when I was pregnant with twins. I was pulled out of work at 32 weeks due to rising bps and some protein in my urine. I was closely monitored from 32 to 36 weeks when I went into labor and had my boys. I think I was sent to hospital triage three times for checks and did 24 hour urine collections 3 or 4 times with blood work. I wasn't diagnosed with mild pre-eclampsia until the day before they were born. They just kept a really close eye on me and constantly asked about all the other symptoms of pre-e which I never developed. Good luck!

    1. Thank you Katie, that is so helpful!! Congrats on making it to 36 weeks with twins, I hope everyone is happy and healthy!

  12. Well I'm a little late to comment on this - glad that the update was okay! You are in the home stretch and I cannot wait to see this little one! Praying for an uneventful (in a good way) rest of the pregnancy and a safe and happy delivery :)