Friday, February 13, 2015

31 weeks; 9 to go!

Ahhh! Single digit countdown!!!

31 weeks today and I can I just say HOLY BRAXTON HICKS.  I am having so many "practice" contractions every day it is not even funny.  To the point where I am actually timing them just because they seem so frequent sometimes. It's kinda freaking me out.

The other thing that's freaking me out is my gigantic alien belly.  I just sit on the couch now and watch my belly morph and ripple.  Hubs can see it from all the way across the room. It's kind of awesome in a sense but it is also slightly disturbing. The day I see an actual foot will be the day I stop watching.

Belly button is getting dangerously shallow and I'm officially up 11 lbs.  Here's the bump!

Aren't I pretty?  Also, different bathroom this week - very exciting.  (Really it's because I took this pic earlier in the week and I am way too tired to put on clothes today to take a new picture.  Plus the other bathroom is upstairs and that would just require too much effort on my part. Can you tell I'm tired now?)

So as you can see, I am officially big now. And apparently everyone else thinks so too because direct quote from a coworker this week who hasn't seen me in a little bit:  "Holy CRAP! You're HUUUUGE!"
Gee, thanks. That's my favorite reaction :-/

And speaking of work, it is fucking crazy and I cannot wait to go out on maternity leave.  However, good news is that I had a meeting with my boss earlier this week and she agreed to let me decide for myself when I want to come into the office now. I work from home part time as it is (since I live and work in different states) and it has just gotten so difficult to actually go in since it ends up being such a long day with the commute (particularly with the 8 billion feet of snow we've received in the Boston area in the last month).  So depending on how I can move meetings around, I may have already had my last FULL day in the office. Yay!

Lastly, check out the onesie I got off of Etsy.  LOVE!  Can't wait to put our little (still nameless) son in it! :-)


  1. Woohoo single digit weeks! That is too funny about your husband being able to see your stomach move from across the room!

    Love the onesie!

  2. So happy for you - you look great. Hoping these last few weeks are happy and uneventful. Enjoy the working from home (my company doesn't allow us to do that very often - boo!)

  3. SINGLE DIGITS!!!! So freaking exciting!!
    Oh alien bump, I remember you! Simultaneously cool and creepy I thought! I'm so glad to hear your boss is being understanding about your need for flexibility right now, making people is hard work :P
    I so love that onesie :)
    Love to you and Rainbow (and S and Petey, too <3 )

  4. You look gorgeous!! Yay for single digit weeks!

  5. Braxton Hicks are totally kicking my butt too. I panicked a little last night when I had two fairly close together that were actually pretty strong. You look awesome! So glad you can work from home - how nice on those cold, icky days.

  6. Late to the party but I am so excited for you!!!! Not for the Braxton Hicks, that sounds like no fun, but for the single digit weeks! YAY!!!!! That onsie is adorable, I love it! FX those practice contractions let up and you feel less tired :) <3 <3 <3

  7. I CANNOT WAIT TO MEET THIS LITTLE BABY!!!! And no matter what, you look great - that is a cute bump you have!

  8. You are BEAUTIFUL!! I love your bump (and want to smack your colleague!!) and the adorable baby boy in there :)